Can we use Fear in our favor?

We all fear something, no matter what.  Some are experts in hiding it deep down in order to appear stronger, while others try to use it in their favor to obtain what they want. Life is challenging, but we shouldn’t back off and cry in a corner.  We must know how to prepare all those sour lemons in order to obtain the sweetest result.  The new virus has many people psychological and physically destroyed by losing their job or status, yet this isn’t the worst thing.  The worst is to lose faith and to be afraid to start from the beginning.  The ‘What if’ situation has people trapped in their bubble by not doing what they really like and want, since the opinion of others influences them.  It influences them so bad, that they start acting by the society requests and rules.  It’s easy to say ‘I will not’ opposite to ‘Let’s give it a try’. 

I have passed through many different situations in my life and came to the most important conclusion, that Fear can ruin us and leave scars into our souls.  How’s that even possible?  Well, it is possible, because when we don’t do what we want, we regret it later.  We regret it and blame others for the unrealized results.  Maybe, at that moment we weren’t aware of it, but overtime life shows us the beautiful moments and opportunities that we’ve lost.  And it’s the worst feeling ever to see others succeed but not you. 

It’s good to have some fears, because the human being is designed to desire safety, yet having fears that stop you from achieving what you want aren’t healthy at all, on the contrary they make us weaker day by day.  So, how to use fear in our favor?

First: Just give it a TRY

Whoa, to fast am I? Not at all, dear reader.  If you don’t take the action today, you’ll never do it either tomorrow or the next day.  You shouldn’t be prepared for the perfect moment, because simply it doesn’t exist.  Those little scenarios that we create in our mind are our imagination, but reality hurts somehow.  It hurts because it goes unplanned, and we fear what we can’t control.  Trust me, the best moments in life happen when we don’t plan them at all.

Second: Don’t think negative

This is the toughest one, because when we do try, deep down in our souls we have a sparkle of light that maybe will succeed, but the rest 99% we think will fail.  It’s good to believe in our own capabilities, but don’t expect the worst.  Concentrate on your job/work and let the results speak to you.  In this way you won’t have time to create the miserable scenarios.

Third: Don’t let the OPINION of others create monsters in your head

People are jealous, not a little but a ton, especially when you do good or great in life.  Maybe, you don’t understand the reactions of some of your friends, when you tell them about the new job or performance in your life, yet the secret is simple, Jealousy.  And if you let this feature influence you up till quitting your new lifestyle, people will be extremely happy.  Don’t surrender yourself with people who drag you down, but with people that you have something to learn from and push you to achieve even more results. 

You mustn’t let fear guide you and don’t let others opinion take advantage of you.  Somehow, when we grow older, we understand how stupid and naïve we were in order to please others.  Life isn’t about others, it’s about you and only you.  You must fight your own battles and live by your own rules.

Published by Andreea Apetri

Foreign Languages (Linguist): Romanian, German, English, Albanian Hobbys: Blogging 👩‍💻 + Badminton 🏸

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