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The art of saying NO

It’s easier to say ‘yes’, than giving one hundred explanations of ‘no’.  Although, it is said that if you do good, good will come to you, many of us are being manipulated by others but don’t realize it. Maybe, it does feel good to be the one that people turns in for help or the one that has more knowledge, but in all this story you are consuming your precious time for your own growth and development.  Friends or family, the ones that are the closest to us know exactly what buttons to push in order for them to achieve what they want, yet this doesn’t mean that we always have to say ‘yes’.  Sometimes the word ‘no’ can be as powerful as the word ‘yes’.

We live in a world full of responsibilities and duties, so we come across many people who want to escape the uncomfortable and hard work, because it’s easier to leave it on somebody else’s, than do it all by yourself.  But such situations shouldn’t make us weak and pity of others, instead we should learn something from them.  We should learn that everything has its limit and not everybody deserves our time.

People are selfish when it comes to their job/studies assignments, because either they want to be paid a big amount of money or they want a high status among others, so they put the work load on individuals who are better than them but not as popular.  Many of us are prey of this situation, especially those who don’t have a social status and want to gain one.  These people would do almost anything to reach the social level of their peers, but what they do forget is being themselves and not a copy.  The worst thing is to pretend something you’re not, to be someone that you aren’t and to act by the society rules.  Trust me, people are fed up to see the same things every day.  They want something unique, something cool, something that others don’t have it.

Thoughts, on saying “NO”? We don’t always do things, because we want something in return.  We do things, because we care for others and want to see the best in them, yet we shouldn’t forget ourselves.  If we just said ‘no’ without any further explanation, people would think that we are arrogant and selfish. But this kind of attitude directed to the right people who constantly bother us and make us feel reckless can help to increase our status.  Believe me or not, I’ve been there and it’s the best way to see yourself rising your status from 0 to 10.  People start respecting you more and ask within a limit.

We shouldn’t confuse and say ‘no’ to everything.  People who care and help us on a daily basis are the number ones who must be helped in return.  Take a step and help others when you really feel like it, but don’t do it out of gaining a status or worse ‘I’m a good person’ situation.  Because you don’t win anything.  You simply lose yourself into a crowd.  Say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ it’s your choice, but don’t blame the results on somebody else, because in the end you must keep the responsibilities of your own actions.


Published by Andreea Apetri

Foreign Languages (Linguist): Romanian, German, English, Albanian Hobbys: Blogging 👩‍💻 + Badminton 🏸

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