Can Regret make us stronger or weaker for Future decisions?

We all have been there.  In that point where we regretted something with all our heart.  Where we doubted ourselves, whether we did the right or wrong thing.  Where we couldn’t move forward in life, yet something was holding us back.  We couldn’t experience the beauty of the present, because the past was influencing us.  Well, dear reader, nothing is worse than keeping up with grudges of the past.  We can’t change what we did, but we can learn from our mistakes and move forward. 

Regrets can happen in different parts of our life.  Let it be in: career, relationship, family etc.  Personally, I’ve experienced some of the biggest regrets, which made me weaker day by day in taking decisions for the future.  Somehow, when we make a mistake, we tend to think about it all the time and thus it influences our decisions of the future.  It doesn’t happen intentionally, yet it happens because we focus on the negative aspects of our mistake.  What we don’t understand is the fact that mistakes make us stronger for future decisions and more open-minded. 

When we are young we want to be “free and without responsibilities”.  We want a good life but without working hard towards it.  We think that money can buy happiness.  We fight our loved ones thinking that they don’t know what life is about.  But all this small, yet big things we start regretting.  We grow every day and each day, there is something new, that awaits us, so we take the chance on trying it and pretending to forget that scratch in our heart.  That little scratch that bothers us at night, when everybody sleeps.  We feel empty, we feel devastated, but most of all we feel disappointed in ourselves.  

Nothing can cut you more deep than missing out an opportunity.  You blame the wrong timing, you blame the circumstances, but you are afraid of blaming FEAR.  You think it doesn’t exist.  You think you are fearless, yet you don’t know what fear is.  You try to convince yourself that jumping with a parachute makes you fearless, but what about failing at your new job/college?  What about not succeeding and being in the circle of losers?  Yes, this kind of fears, brings us to regrets.  We don’t try, because of failure, because others would laugh out loud at us or because we think that the world owes us something.  Yet, this thinking makes us weak.  It makes us to refuse our lucky chance and to live our boring life.  Not that the chances in our lives, that come are all nice, but the results after a long job are better than a glass of champagne on a Friday night.

It’s your choice to step out of the comfort zone and to leave fear behind.  It’s your choice to make a difference into your lifestyle.  But, yes, regrets do make us stronger for future decisions.  We grow and with every second that passes we understand what a mistake was losing a chance.  Sometimes, there are only one lifetime chances, and those are the greatest regrets of people.  When having to deal with an opportunity take time thinking.  Take time meditating.  Take time to discuss it with somebody who cares about you, because letting fear interfere can be the biggest mistake in life.  Let go of the past, focus better on the present and learn from your regrets.             

Published by Andreea Apetri

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4 thoughts on “Can Regret make us stronger or weaker for Future decisions?

  1. Choices aren’t always possible. Decisions often affect many lives around you, not just yours. Will isn’t always free. Sometimes it takes two to hold hands and take the same step over the threshold. Sometimes we live with regrets knowing we did all we could but it wasn’t enough. These things bothered me for a long time until I understood they were all a part of a life which determines its own path much more than I forge it. Now I still have regrets but I live with them, not under them.


    1. I understand your point, but I wrote this article because many of us including myself, has taken decisions in life out of fear. So I regret some things, and I wish to take time back. But as we all know that time doesn’t come back, we should accept the mistake and move forward (it’s easy to say with words but harder to act). The best thing in Life is to be a bit selfish for yourself. To take the decision and not to blame others for the outcome.


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