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Is Betrayal a form of escaping Life duties?

“It’s better to have an enemy who slaps you in the face, than a friend who stabs you in the back.” – Anonym

Ever been in that situation when you trusted a friend that much, but thought they were too good to be true? You believed them and after a period of time they stepped on you like you never existed.  You did good to them, but in return you remained with nothing.  You remained with nothing because you were to naïve to observe the wrong parts.  It’s easy to make a friend, but it’s harder to detest the good one.  Like this happened to me once and it hurt somehow because I never expected.  I never expected, because I was too young and very optimistic about every person that came into my life.  It seems I was wrong.  I was wrong believing that having many friends was the right path to a successful social life status. 

We always think that betrayal is done because it had to be done.  But deep down we know that betrayal is a form of breaking the trust line with somebody.  We betray because we are jealous of somebody, of their numerous successes, yet we don’t know what hides behind their façade.  We don’t know if that person is happy or sad, depressed or cheerful.  Betray can only happen between two people who have a trust connector.  If this trust bound doesn’t exist, then betray can’t happen.

Betrayals do hurt, but coming out from somebody who you thought their “good” can hurt the most.  We betray to escape our Life duties, at least this is what I learned.  In my case this ‘friend’ betrayed me to escape the duty of being a loyal friend.  People betray within family too.  They betray because they want to feel special somehow.  But they don’t understand that by breaking the trust bound they lost somebody.  They think that they won for a moment, but in reality they lost for a lifetime.   

How not to be a prey of betrayals?

Before creating a new friendship or entering a romantic relationship, try taking baby steps.  Test people through different situations.  Put them under stressful situations for you, this doesn’t mean to create fake situations.  See how sincerely they are committed to you.  Give yourself a long time period to judge them!
People seem generally nice at first, but fake people cannot endure it for long, after three months most of people show off their faces.

Trust people only when you are sure that you are going to be strong enough to be alright by yourself, even without them!


Published by Andreea Apetri

Foreign Languages (Linguist): Romanian, German, English, Albanian Hobbys: Blogging 👩‍💻 + Badminton 🏸

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