Do we need more best friends or honest friends in our life?

We don’t always need thousands of friends to fill completed, but having a few people who value and care about us is the best gift in the world.  I came to this conclusion, at a party, while celebrating my friends’ birthday.  Actually, when I received an invitation from her, I was so surprised, because we weren’t a type of BFF (Best Friends Forever) neither did I consider her my best friend, because actually for me, this word simply, it doesn’t exist.  It doesn’t exist, because people do change.  They change every day and having a ‘best friend’ is nothing compared to an honest friend.  An honest friend will tell you the truth even if it hurts, will tell you their point of view of a situation but most of all will tell you things in a simple way without turning the story a fairytale just to make you look happy.

I’ve had in my life best friends and just friends, but, honest friends a little, maybe to say none, till a few months ago.  And I do value the ones that are honest with me and don’t just plaster a fake smile on their pretty face. 

During the quarantine phase, I had to deal with different friends or colleagues.  It was hard in the beginning knowing, that, you’ve just started university and after half a year everything went online.  Boom! You had to communicate much more, in order to survive the online studying.  But some people that you’ve considered friends, turned their back at you.  They left you dealing with all the assignments alone, never contacted you asking how is your psychological state, but always were online to obtain something from you for free.  This type of friends are the ones that use you in their favor, but never tell you things as they are for real.

I’ve had some other types of friends, that always were jealous of my achievements and in order to learn something new and interesting from me they wanted to make themselves superior.  They hated me, they gossiped about me, but the most they wanted to destroy me with a negative approach.  This type of people always finds someone that is worse than them, on a social level, because their meaning in life is to compare their boring lives to yours and to feel better that you’ve failed and they succeeded.

The worst friend that I’ve encountered in my life was to consider, I have a best friend.  Having a best friend is rare, but what I hate about best friends is they always want to know everything about your personal life.  I mean we need friends, but having to share every little detail of your life with your bestie is uncomfortable.  People create labels for friends, but this is wrong.  People do change, when they see that your life is wonderful and you’re a success.  But there are a few people, who can tell you that “Look I wanna learn something from you, because you’ve experienced so much more than I” and this are the best type of friends, because they don’t want to know every single detail of your life.  They want a drop of your positivity, in order for them to improve their career, job etc. 

I’ve learned that friends come and go, some remain for life and some we create in the most unusual situations.  But do value the ones that stay when we really need them, when we have a problem and they are there to help, when everything falls apart but they still encourage you with words or maybe actions.  Don’t settle for less, because you’ll never develop yourself further.  Try making new friends wherever you go, but do keep the ones, that are always honest to you.  Trust me that’s, the best deal. 

Published by Andreea Apetri

Foreign Languages (Linguist): Romanian, German, English, Albanian Hobbys: Blogging 👩‍💻 + Badminton 🏸

4 thoughts on “Do we need more best friends or honest friends in our life?

  1. I wrote a post not long about how the people you surround yourself with can affect your life. And what you have said here is so true. Some friends are just there for a season and thats okay!
    Loved this post!


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