Is Gratitude an important stage in our life?

Don’t try to reach perfection in life, but do try to look back sometimes and be grateful of what was given to you up till now.  It was a lesson learned recently, one that I never thought that was very important.  A lesson that awakened me and made me realize that first, you must be thankful of what you possess and afterward to want something more.  This is a kind of life rule, when you have something you always want more, but the problem with us, people, is perfection.  We want perfection in our blog, we want a great career path or a superb partner, yet this doesn’t exist.  It’s an illusion that many people work toward it.  Psychology says is because to compensate for a sense of inadequacy.

As years have passed by, I always thought that wanting more and more in life is something normal.  That gratitude is somehow subjective and we can’t control it.  Yet, all of this is wrong.  It’s wrong in so many ways that we actually don’t realize it, that we are doing something wrong.  Gratitude should be a part of our everyday life.  We should be grateful of what we have, even the smallest achievement, because contrary we won’t have more.  

The problem with Gratitude is that we don’t always understand how it works.  It’s because we focus more on things that we can control, yet this doesn’t mean we should stop and never practice it.  Gratitude is when you give somethings small to those closest to you for no reason at all, is when you help somebody without wanting something in return or you just smile and have courage to express your gratitude towards health, wellness and presence.

I remember long ago, when I was a teenager, that I wasn’t so much happy with my life.  I was wishing something more, like friends, but everything else was fine (family, school etc.).  In fact, I always had problems making friends and somehow life gave me a storm.  To see who would behave like a real friend in tough times.  I never looked back, to whom helped me and now that I try to be thankful it’s too late.  So from this story, I understood that we should always look back no matter what and do something for those persons who helped us, get up from our darkness.  We shouldn’t complain when things are going well, we shouldn’t look for troubles when actually things go smooth in life, because everything that happens, happens for a reason.  Either we seek it or we should learn a lesson from it.      

Gratitude is simple.  Sometimes we can be grateful even by writing in our journal, a simple thank you note.  It’s something that I learned during a crisis in life, because without one I would never have understood the value of it.  We should always remember something, that if we want to be happier and more successful than we are, than we should practice the art of being thankful of what we have.   

3 thoughts on “Is Gratitude an important stage in our life?

  1. Very well explained. I like the point where you say; it’s because we do not understand gratitude and understanding it can change our perception towards gratitude.

    We should be grateful for moment to moment, for the little and big things. Being grateful is transformative and it’s the parent to all the other virtues.

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