Do we need to strive for Perfection in Life?

In the last post that I wrote I said a sentence like: Don’t try to reach perfection in life […], and somebody – my dad actually, read recently my blog and commented something that made me rethink perfection: Nothing wrong to aim for perfection, if you aim for less than that, you will achieve even less…  Many people will say that this is true, that people should aim perfectionism, that they should take more time to invest in the things they care.  But why? Why do we always need to challenge ourselves in striking perfection even though it doesn’t exist? The answer is that we like to push ourselves to the limit in order to work harder and be the best in our field.

I remember long ago being in high school, where I was taking private lectures with a physics teacher because I wanted to study at that time engineering.  After the end of the lecture she told me about some of my colleagues being great and doing so well at MIT and Oxford.  I was wondering at that time how perfect some people are, that they can achieve so many great things, and I, on the other hand couldn’t Ace a single test. Yet I do remember something my teacher said: “There are some exceptional human beings who can strive perfection, but we on the other hand are average persons who belong to a normal team brain.”  With this I understood that people do like to seek perfection, because that makes them powerful, more in control of their lives, but still there is something connected to psychological field that makes them want this.  It is said that this kind of people once received in their life a message that they weren’t good enough and by being perfect they would be beyond reproach. 

Half a year ago I opened a blog.  And I had so many comments coming from my friends and people who I knew that if you want to keep a page, you must write perfect.  I responded to them: “I didn’t open because I believe that I write perfect, I opened it to try to understand how is it to be a blogger.  And that people should be encouraged more to do things that they like without thinking first of perfection.” 

Sometimes, just thinking that we wouldn’t do something good enough makes us not do it at all.  Wrong conception, isn’t it?  We want that when we would start a business, a blog or even writing a book everything to go smooth and perfect, but this ‘theory’ makes us loss hope even more.  I would say that before imagining that perfection, better make a move towards your goal.  May be a small move at the beginning but with time it will improve.  And I think that by improving every time your steps can lead you to being not perfect but successful.  We mustn’t look for perfection but for success, because only through it we can develop even further.

Take great people or how I used to call “the perfectionists”.  Those people who make a change into the world.  Are they really perfect?  No, but they do dedicate lots of time to their work in order to become successful.  Have they thought of perfection? Maybe, but through what I read in their biographical books is that they always make their level best, no matter what. So instead of thinking: let’s write perfect, let’s draw perfect or let’s sing perfect, try better to do your level best and after it make you, yourself, a conclusion; Is it better to try and discover your talents or better not try at all but always thinking of perfection?

Published by Andreea Apetri

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