How can Perseverance be a useful skill in life?

We can always accomplish big things in life, if we dedicate enough time, hard work and perseverance.  A lesson learned through many times of disappointment.  Through many times of analyzing the results of my actions.  And finally, after so many times of failure I came to the conclusion that nothing can be done without having a little bit of PERSEVERANCE in life.  Some of you may wonder what this word means.  By the Oxford’s Learners Dictionaries, perseverance means: the quality of continuing to try to achieve a particular aim despite difficulties. 

As true as it is, many of us struggle with this concept.  We struggle, because we want a big result in a short time, yet we have read and heard so many times that accomplishments come after lots of dedication.  We still have the ability of starting something new, but we don’t have the patience of keeping up with perseverance.  Why? There are many reasons why.  Some people, like me, for example, have the problem with reaching perfection, that if we don’t do something great the first time, why try another time.  And this concept leads to wrong decisions in life.  It leads to that, that you don’t want to work anymore on your project, even though you have done so much for it.

I’ve been there, when I left unfinished work and it really does hurt, even now that I’m an adult, remembering how I didn’t dedicate enough work despite difficulties.  Remembering how I threw things in a corner and ignored the fact of working again and again.  Now, that I’m an adult, I understand how wrong my concept was.  How wrong was to start something and not to finish it.  Because only through dedication, we can understand the value of our career or relationship that we build.

In a way, I thought that I might escape this step of perseverance, but then I learned that it is inevitable when you want to reach big achievements.  It’s like a wave that comes toward you and you must know how to escape in order not to be hurt.  But in all this story, I want to tell you, dear reader, that if you do what you like, even the smallest obstacle in your way won’t create a mess out of you.  You won’t have the urge to throw away and run, but you’ll want to fix and see what happens next, because only in this way you’ll learn and develop further.

Perseverance is an important skill, that must be learned, no matter what age.  Yet, one thing you must remember: If you start something with enthusiasm in life, then bring it till the end with the same rhythm, but don’t blame the circumstances that you didn’t have the power to finish it, because what messes with our head the most is Perseverance.    

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