How to know if you are driven by others in taking decisions in Life?

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to do something that your friend/family wanted, but actually, You, yourself didn’t want that much?  You were forced thinking that the thing is good for you and really helpful, yet that wasn’t what brought you a smile to your face.  You did it anyway, just to make the other person happy, but deep down within yourself, you were feeling empty, unhappy and most of all unsatisfied.  So today, I’m writing a post to let you know some ways when you must stop doing what others want and start living your life by your own rules.

1# We hear and do what others say without analyzing the situation first

The biggest mistake in life is to do what others think is best for you.  Nobody can know better than you, what you actually need.  For example: You really wish to study abroad in Canada, but all of your friends push you to go to USA, because they think that’s best for you.  You start changing your mind and do what others say without analyzing the situation in USA.  You go to study where your friends advised you but you can’t succeed.  Why? Because you were pushed to do something that you really didn’t want in the first place.

2# We find reasons to blame others for the result

The easiest way when you can’t achieve something is to blame the one who suggested the whole story in the first place.  We feel guilty while we do this thing, yet we can’t go back and fix it.  We like not taking responsibilities and feeling free doing what others want, because it’s easier in this way.  But this is wrong.  Is wrong to place someone else Wish in your dish.  We must learn to live with responsibilities and when failure comes, that’s because we did something wrong not the society itself.

3# We don’t stand for ourselves

Something that I learned during my twenties was to stand for myself even when things go tough.  If you don’t like something say it, don’t just reply with a big smile on your face to make somebody happy and cheerful.  This is your life, which you are building.  So instead of thinking how not to make somebody sad, by saying ‘no’ try better to improve your life as you know it.  After you’ve accomplished the task ask for an opinion if you really need it.

In Life there are many ups and downs and sometimes to move forward we need a wall to support us, which can be our family or friends.  But I want to tell you something, dear reader, don’t let others control your life, because you’ll regret it.  You’ll regret every single moment of it, because in the end it doesn’t matter which dress you bought with the help of your best friend, but how well you organized your life.  Maybe it won’t matter now that you are a student, but in years it will count.  It will count how well you managed your responsibilities and how well you faced the external factors in achieving the results you wanted. 

Don’t take impulsive actions without rethinking them, don’t blame others when it’s actually your fault and last, do stand more for yourself and say ‘no’ when you really can’t do something, because else you’ll start hating your life, the way I did.

4 thoughts on “How to know if you are driven by others in taking decisions in Life?

  1. Taking responsibility for our lives is the toughest thing to do. But it is so rewarding. Sadly most of us shift the blame onto others so we don’t have to face our Truth. Great post!


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