From where derives the feeling of being Lost in Life?

Feeling lost it’s just an excuse of not taking seriously your responsibilities in the hands.  Some weeks ago I wrote an article about How to deal with feeling lost and empty inside and I thought of writing today a post to show you some reasons why do we feel this way.  Sometimes, especially when we hit the twenties, we start putting in doubt everything about our life. Starting from our career till the relationships.  We start asking people if we are doing the right or wrong thing.  But most of all we start feeling lost, empty and distracted as what we want in life.  I’ve been in that phase where I didn’t know what I wanted from life.  I’ve been there where I thought that if somebody took decisions for me, I would be much happier and doing other things rather than taking charge of my mistakes, yet I was wrong.

The feeling of Lost and Empty comes from the fact that we, avoid to take charge of our Must to do tasks.  As harsh as might sound, don’t panic.  Don’t try running away by telling others “It’s normal this kind of feeling”, because it isn’t.  This feeling it’s just a way that we express to avoid hard work.  I’ve been thinking for a long time, why I was feeling lost in my twenties, why I couldn’t enjoy the company of my friends, but the thing was, I was too scared to admit to others and myself that I was afraid of failure.  I was scared of it and if I would be now honest, I encountered lots of failure in my life after this age.

Failure is inevitable when we want to achieve something.  Failure is there for us to see the wrong steps that we took in achieving a result and thus we shouldn’t be afraid of it.  Sure, it’s unpleasant to deal with this situation, yet it’s very helpful when we encounter setbacks.

So, dear reader, before you start telling to yourself and friends: “I’m feeling lost, don’t know what to do with my life anymore” try and analyze the situation first.  The primary cause of it, can be fear of failure or taking too much responsibilities upon you.  Look into yourself more, find the splinter and remove it, because only in this way you can live a much happier life.     

When we really accept failure and discipline ourselves to do what we must do, then we have reached a level of maturity.

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