A Guide on how to start spending more money on Experiences

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic.  Why? Because it’s a topic where most of people, especially youth, find themselves into a crossroad, whether to buy a T-shirt for the same amount of money that can be spent on an experience.  For many years, I grew up with the feeling of buying more material objects rather than travel.  Sure, travel can be expensive, but if you start doing some calculations along, you can be surprised to find out that you’ve spent much more on material things, rather on your development.  When we think of experiences, we think directly on travel, but this is wrong.  Experiences can be even a day out with your friends enjoying a lunch or dinner.  Experience can be a tour with the boat on Danube near your house or it can be just a picnic in the park.  So, I’m writing this article to show you when to stop buying yourself unnecessarily things and start doing something more valuable.   

1# Ask yourself if you can really live without the material object

Yes, I’m a woman and yes, I do like clothes, but a while ago I came across myself that I’ve been doing stocks of T-shirts in my bedroom that even with a larger cabinet they won’t fit in.  So, I’ve stopped this hobby of just buying clothes and focused more on things that can teach me something.  Like I picked up a language course and started learning something for my development.

2# Don’t rush but think

The best advice that I’ve learned from my mom was never to rush on things, that I put a doubt on.  She always told me to think twice, before buying something and even to stay a day away from that shop just to analyze if it really is necessarily to buy it.  Yes, there are moments when we really like something with all our heart but that moment must be once in a while or else we will bankrupt ourselves.  Better try giving that money on an adventure with your friends.

3# Don’t go for a walk near shops

Shops are attractive, because of their great lightening and beautiful halls, yet don’t make your evening walks to near them, because you’ll end up with a shopping bag and a bad mood.  Try navigating your internet for tours and excursions and make your evening better with an experience rather than ‘stuff’ that you don’t even need.

4# Be open-minded towards new ideas

This is the most difficult part, because you either need friends with the same attitude or you must educate yourself to start thinking out of the box.  One thing that I’ve encountered in successful people, is the fact that they always choose friends from whom they might learn something.  So if you find yourself in a total mess with friends who always think of shopping, then stop.  Stop going out with them, because you don’t win anything, just an empty wallet/card and a feeling of regret.

5# Explore the city where you live

The best thing when you start living in a new country is to know what things you can do on weekends.  Of course you can’t experience everything, yet it’s better to navigate your options rather than saying ‘my hobby is shopping’, because trust me it’s not, it’s just an excuse from us.  We can feel shy or afraid of the new experience but trust me it’s worth the money.

Although, there are many options to undergo a new experience but just giving a try it’s the best feeling ever.  You don’t need the best place or the best experience in your life, yet having spent the money on something that you can learn from is the best feeling ever.  Don’t stay home and don’t complain that you don’t have any experiences on your twenties, but do have more courage to say ‘no’ to material objects and more ‘yes’ to lifetime encounters.  

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