5 Ways how Journaling can help YOU rearrange your lifestyle

Putting pen to paper is a mystical way to access your most profound truths – Marie Forleo

Ever since I was a child, I liked writing journals, yet when I stepped into the adulthood and encountered lots of problems I immediately stopped doing this activity.  I stopped buying those beautiful page journals and pens and started mourning about how difficult my life was.  Every day I was concentrating on my problems and not the solutions.  In that period of my life, where everything turned upside down I turned my head to books.  I wanted somehow to escape the reality and dive into the unknown.  Into some fiction stories that had a happy ending.  Some people blamed me at that time, as irresponsible and lazy, yet I was trying to understand how writing worked, because when you stop writing for a long time, you tend to forget that skill.  I read hundreds of books and somehow the taste of writing came back to me.  I bought a simple, yet thick notebook and started writing about my day, but as days passed by, I understood that I was starting to recreate my lifestyle and not just complain about it.  So, I’m writing this post to let you know, how can journaling help into changing your lifestyle routine.

1# You may lose some of your fears

Nobody wants to confess their deepest fears to somebody else, let it be parents or friends.  So the most popular form to escape insecurities is to simply write about them in a journal.  You can write a short story with fictional characters if you don’t want to write your reality, but even a To-Do List with your fears can do the magic.  Scribble down what makes you uncomfortable with your life and let it there on your front page.  Come back to it, after a period of time and you can see the difference, between past and present.

2# You are more organized on your daily basis

If you have started journaling recently, you may have encountered the need to be more organized in your life.  Journaling is a way to help you sort out your thoughts.  Is a way to make you achieve more things, because as the day passes by you have the need to prove as to yourself that you did something great today.  I always underestimated planners, yet now I understand that they are there to help you be more systemized on your daily life.

3# You start to be honest with you and your desires

Sometimes we don’t realize it, but writing into your journal makes you more aware of what you want and wish in your life.  You write as for yourself and you express your deepest desires and feelings.  I’ve encountered in my life situation where I did someone’s else desire, not what I wished for.  There were many reasons why I did that, yet for me it was the biggest mistake. So when you start writing in a journal, you start to be honest within yourself, because there isn’t nobody to judge you.

4# You start loving yourself more

Many times when we feel down we start hating ourselves and the others who are successful.  Why? Because we think we aren’t good enough for the society, yet this is a lie.  We have eating disorders or odd sleeping patterns, yet when we start journaling, we start somehow loving ourselves more than before.  We start caring and nourishing it with healthy food.  We start a new routine of our lifestyle, because we want to change.  Nobody likes to be in the darkness forever, because that is just depressing.

5# You start creating new healthy habits

When I started journaling, I found myself surrounded by successful people.  I started visiting new places and be opened to new ideas.  I liked the feeling that journaling gave to me, a fondness of power.  I was waiting for evening to come, to start writing the accomplishments of the day.  It was like a piece of cake writing all the positive things.  Of course I had sorrow days too, but those were little.  I started appreciating things in my life more (gratitude) and started living my life by my own rules without blaming somebody else.

Journaling is fun and if I would be honest, everybody can do it.  I’ve heard many times the sentence: “Not everybody can write well”, but to write a journal you mustn’t be a writer or a blogger either.  You must write to express your feelings, because if we bottle them up they can explode in an uncontrollable way.  Everybody must try writing.  Even a few sentences, because what we express in private, is usually what we really want or need in our real life.  

4 thoughts on “5 Ways how Journaling can help YOU rearrange your lifestyle

  1. Very true. We are our thoughts and journaling helps us better arrange our thoughts, plan, monitor and appreciate. My blog was born from my journals and I noticed lots of many other improvements.


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