5 Habits to do right Now for a better Tomorrow

“An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing” – Anonym

We all have read a dozens of articles and blogs that promote healthy lifestyle/habits on a daily basis, yet sometimes we were too lazy to take actions towards it or we weren’t truly motivated.  Habits can be difficult to create especially the good ones, because it takes so much effort to put in, that you simply want to give up at a point.  Yet, I tried creating some of them along the years and I’ve totally seen improvement in my lifestyle.  So, I want to share with you today a list of top 5 Habits that can help you improve not only your life but also make your tomorrow a better day.

1# Drink coffee in moderation

So many studies have shown that if you want a healthy lifestyle you must quit coffee, yet I think this concept is wrong.  Coffee is not as bad as you think, if you drink the high quality one.  Since I started university, coffee was something necessary for me, thus I wanted to drink more than one.  As I started to drink coffee as a hobby I felt headaches and insomnia.  I would get angry for no particular reason and make wrong decisions throughout the day.  So the secret to a healthy habit is not to ban forever coffee, but to drink in moderation (1 cup per day, 4 or 5 days of the week).  The rest of the time drink herbal teas.

2# Read some pages of a good book before sleep

You may be busy or pretending not to have enough time to read, but trust me reading can change your life. Just having a good book on the shelves/kindle can make you sleep better.  Stop using your smartphone before sleep and just dive in, into a good book.  You will see that you’ll be better sleeping than having to wonder constantly why your friends are travelling while you sit at home and do nothing.

3# Keep a planner

Many people laugh about the ones with a to-do list journal, but I think this is one of the most important skills.  Many of us, especially the Gen Z (1996-2015) don’t know how to plan a successful day.  Yes, we all have heard that saying “Live in the moment”, but it’s a total difference when you confuse career with a Wednesday fun day.  We should keep in mind that priorities are first, the second are friends.  You don’t have to invest thousands on a planner, but having a schedule in your mind or scribbled down a paper can help you rearrange your life for better.

4# Meditate while walking in a park

I always liked long walks in the park, because that was a kind of meditation to me.  It is not necessary to be alone; you can have somebody with you, yet this walks can make you realize more what you want from life than staying hours on your computer and getting frustrated with your work.  Meditation is good for your brain and health.  So instead of staying home binge watch Netflix or Facebook, go out and enjoy ‘a cup of fresh air’ and think of the new possibilities that arise in your circle.

5# Learn something new

Make a habit to learn everyday something new.  This not only develops you as a person, but also can help you with your health.  Like for example learning a foreign language can prevent you from Alzheimer’s.  it is not necessary to make drastic changes in your life, because we all have work/university that demand lots from us, yet having a 30-minute break and learning something new (puzzle solving) can improve our cognitive abilities.

Don’t try to push for tomorrow something that you can change today.  Habits can be difficult to learn, yet they are doable.  Try and do more of the good habits today and you’ll see that in the future you’ll be more successfully.

Published by Andreea Apetri

Foreign Languages (Linguist): Romanian, German, English, Albanian Hobbys: Blogging 👩‍💻 + Badminton 🏸

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