5 Ways to make your Mondays Brighter

Let’s be honest with ourselves, many of us hate Monday’s and the reason behind is the load of work that we get from our professors/bosses for the rest of our week.  I’ve been in that situation when I wanted to snooze my phone and get to sleep an extra 5 minutes on a rainy or frosty Monday morning Monday, yet duties were calling and all I could do was grab a cup of coffee and up to work.  Many times we believe in this silly idea that Mondays are horror, but the honest truth is that, Mondays are there for us to help reorganize our week and thoughts.  So I’m writing this post for all of you out there, who don’t like Mondays, but still are optimistic to change this belief.

1# Do something exciting on weekends

A good week, starts with great weekend vibes.  Many times we believe that the best remedy for a good and peaceful weekend, is by watching lots of movies/TV-shows on Netflix and scrolling down through social media.  Yet, we should learn to change our weekend routine and hang out more with our friends or even meet new people, because staying only at home and furthermore alone, might drive you in a depressive state of mind, which can lead afterward to an unhappy start of the week.   It is said, that the best moments of our life are often spent in the presence of our friends and family and not in front of a digital screen.

2# Have your tasks prioritized

Nothing can make you angrier, than not having a well-structured week schedule.  Multitasking is the new trend nowadays and because we want to accomplish many things at once, it often happens complete the opposite.  A lie that I always tell myself is: “I won’t write the task down; I will remember it.” But, as hours pass by, I get more and more frustrated that the most important task was scheduled the last on the list.  Mondays, my dear friend, is there, to fulfill your online calendar/agenda with the most important tasks of the day and the week itself.

3# Dress a nice outfit on the first day of the week

Many times has happened to me, especially on Monday mornings to run out of time and dress something boring, due to ‘five minutes’ of extra sleep after the alarm snoozing.  I would better advice you to stop practicing the extra ‘5 minutes’ sleep, because of two main reasons: 1. it’s useless and 2. shows an irresponsible person.  Better start your day by dressing something nicely or even putting a new accessory.  It doesn’t need to be sophisticated or planned a day before, yet it should bring a smile to your face and remind you every time that not all Mondays are as bad as others say. 

4# Save a little bit of weekend fun for Monday

Treat yourself on Mondays with a little bit of weekend fun hobbies.  This doesn’t mean to throw a party and get to sleep 3 hours after it.  Having a good start of the week, means to beat the home and work routine by having lunch/dinner with a friend or even watching your favorite TV-show program.  No matter how hectic your day can be, you should always find some time in your calendar to have fun for yourself too.

5# Create an inspiring Playlist

Uplifting music can be a very good motivator to start a busy and stressful day.  In the 21st century it’s not something unusual to find young people listening to music in subways or buses.  Whether you need 10 or 50 minutes to reach your destination (job/university), never waste time in vain, take your headphones out and boost your mood with an inspiring song.

Despite the fact that some of us hate Mondays, others find it hard to face Tuesdays as well. However, I would say that, the main cause of Hating Mondays is the fact of not doing what you really like and are passionate of, each and every day.  Understanding this, can make your Mondays feel less scary and more interesting, because each day that passes is a gift from God, to us, for self-improvement and second chances.

Published by Andreea Apetri

Foreign Languages (Linguist): Romanian, German, English, Albanian Hobbys: Blogging 👩‍💻 + Badminton 🏸

3 thoughts on “5 Ways to make your Mondays Brighter

  1. Good advice. My problem is that literally everything I used to do on the weekend, the things I used to look forward to all week to get me through those long and exhausting weeks, have been shut down because of COVID and the government’s response to it. I’m still trying to figure out how to deal with that…


    1. Glad you liked it 🙂 The problem with Lockdown is that we always believe that having fun must be in a Restaurant/ Club or anything that is about outdoor activities, yet having a good day is about catching up with a friend and having fun with low-cost activities at your house/apartment. It is said that everything in life happens for a reason, and I think COVID wanted to teach us: to start appreciating communication more, rather than having fun all by ourselves… 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I recognize your point, but I live alone and gatherings of any size have been prohibited here for almost a year. You don’t understand my life. I was finally starting to figure things out, and then everything was taken from me.


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