7 Types of Teachers/Professors that we all have encountered at least once in our Educational Process

There is nothing more annoying than not being able to clearly understand your professor’s course requirements at an educational institution. At least, this is what I learned during my time in different schools and afterward at university.  Some of you may still wonder, if I really encountered problems with subjects and teachers, why didn’t I change schools or transfer to a better one?  And indeed, I transferred to 6 different schools (middle + high school) while being a minor and to be honest it didn’t change a single thing.   Because, wherever you may go, even in the most ‘ideal’ country, you will surely encounter that one specific professor, who won’t be your greatest supporter and even give you law marks, because he thinks ‘you aren’t good enough’.   And in today’s post I want to share with you, guys, some of my interesting experiences, throughout my life, mentioning not only the ‘villains’ but also the ones who truly inspired me to become the person I’m today.  So, let’s start the list, shall we?

1# The you ‘don’t play with fire’ teacher

One of my best professor, who I can really give a credit and be proud of it, has been my high-school math teacher.  Honestly, I never liked math, since I know myself in the first grade.  I used to have problems understanding basic notions, and I do remember till now, like it was yesterday, the horror of doing homework at this subject.  My parents were concerned of my struggling with this subject, because it was even becoming a problem to not pass the class, that they took me a private tutor.  Yet, making this long story short, I want to tell you that, having a strict professor/ teacher can develop you one very important skill, which is DISCIPLINE.  He did not only teach me numbers, but a sense of a big picture, on how to save minutes by doing complex exercises in simple steps, even though I didn’t study further Natural Science.

2# The one who makes a witty joke before explaining a difficult topic

I truly, sincerely love this kind of people, because it gives your mind a state of comfort in their lectures, that you aren’t perceived as the ‘stupidest’ person in the classroom.  You know this kind of professors, are one of a kind in today’s society, and what I truly value is the fact that they spare you time at home.  You don’t need to revise their notes, because as soon as you read a concept in your copybook, you can recall in an instant moment the amusing joke by the professor made in the context of your topic.

3# The chronometer professor

I bet your instant thought was the PE (Physical Education) teacher, who always measured within seconds, if you could really run like Usain Bolt or not, in order to pass their class.  But as true as it is, I have to break it to you: Chronometers, are the new accessories of Online Teaching.  If you thought that bungee jumping was true adrenaline, try experiencing the rush of online submitting assignments, that can sometimes trick you in guessing that you ‘turned in’ On time The Task.

4# The multitasking professor

As soon as we entered in quarantine, there has been a really big change in many teacher’s attitude towards students.  Having internet all the time (mobile data and Wi-Fi), has given us the chance participating simultaneously in two different meetings, one that in person couldn’t be possible (if they were held offline).  And as much as we believe that multitasking is a very powerful tool in getting things done on time, some teachers still don’t understand that they can mislead an entire class in error.  By this I mean, not being attentive when a student asks a complex question and needs a simple answer (not longer than 3 minutes’ explanation).

5# The very one who teaches 1 ECTS- credit subject, but acts like the most important person in the whole university

Who hasn’t had that one professor who challenged the hell out of you each seminar, like you were discovering rocket science and not just a simple theory? I did, maybe you did to, and maybe your cousin is whining right now, as how their gone pass their semester exam.  Yet I want to tell you, that sometimes this kind of teachers, can be good for us.  Why? Because it can teach us to remain calm at any given situation and to be able to express our opinion without speaking aggressively.  Debate is a very powerful tool in our modern society, and of course everybody has their personal opinion or POV (Point of View), which can make the discussion much more interesting, than agreeing every time with somebody. 

6# The teacher who doesn’t want to adapt to the new changes

You don’t need to be a tech-savvy, in order to teach something to students.  There is a dozen or even hundreds of programs, that can make not only your life as a teacher simple, but also the ones you transmit the knowledge too.  There is no wonder, why many students drop out of college at a young age, given the opportunities we have in 2021, compared to our parents for example. People’s ingenuity of creating new, innovative tools, has made our workaday ‘struggles’ easier and unique to.  

7# The stable Professor, who apart from their job has a private life too

The one teacher who can really understand you, using polite vocabulary, and treats you with respect not only in the classroom, but out of it too.  That one person who can put themselves in your shoes and believes that everybody is a human being with personal problems too.  Sometimes, we can’t be pronto for every single assignment, even though we enrolled in a full-time degree.  Unexpectedly circumstances can occur, and sadly many professors don’t even have the slightest tolerance of such events.  They don’t care if you had a misfortune (funeral) or a childbirth, you will still be put in the black list of retakes, which leads to a whole semester repetition.   

However, the perfect or the ideal teacher it doesn’t exist and never will. Yet being able to combine at least 2 or 3 traits from each type of character, can lead us to have a better result in the community and society itself.  Implementing innovative learning methods, that can teach a student complex concepts in a short period of time, can take us to a whole next level education.  Thereby, we can avoid prison constructions and dealing with less ignorance as well.

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