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3 Ways to set Boundaries with people who Annoy you

A while ago I wrote a blog Post about how to say No to people, that always ask you to do something without your will.  And although this is a wide spread subject, still people don’t understand, that every human being has its borderline of patience.  As hard as it can be, many of us don’t even know how to ‘eliminate’ this kind of people, and in order not to offence someone, we turn to ignore them.  We ignore by not responding to their messages, phone calls or even in person discussions.  Some of us will even bypass that one person who ruins their day, but let me be honest with you, guys, we cannot avoid somebody for the whole of our lives.  We can’t hide in the bushes or after a wall, because that one person is crossing the street as you are.  Yet, we can set some boundaries, that can help eliminate the negative from our life. But before we go to that part, let me explain what Boundaries are.  From the Oxford Dictionary, Boundary is a real or imagined line that marks the limits or edges of something and separates it from other things or places; a dividing line.  Now, that the concept is explained we can move forward to the next step.

1# It’s not your job to fix others

Many people nowadays, especially that the Pandemic started have become disturbing or aggressive.  While ago I had to disconnect from social media for an unknown period of time, because some people don’t understand what means private and business messaging.  I used to have 400+ messages in a day that caused stress not only to my brain, yet to my health too.  Yet in all this story, I want to make clear to you, that it’s not your job to fix somebody.  By this I mean, don’t message the persons who clearly don’t have any kind of respect towards you.

2# Nobody has to agree with your opinion

Something that many people love, especially Albanians is the way that they think they are always right and you must agree with them in any given circumstances.  Don’t, and I mean it don’t agree with everybody.  You are Unique in your own way and you don’t have to agree to every single person that you encounter in your life.  To give an Opinion is one thing, yet to agree to the mass is something else.  So in order for you to be healthy spiritually, don’t take very serious the game with Conceding A.K.A agreeing.

3# You don’t have to express your Needs Honestly

One of the biggest mistakes ever is to express your honest desires to the wrong people!  How I came to this conclusion, you may ask?  People are different, and in our society we have created circles.  Circles for close friends and circles for family friends.  Yet, let me tell you something not all your closest friends can be your honest friends and vice versa.  Having honest friends in your friendship circle can solve many of your day-to-day problems.  And yet, you must keep contact with your family too, who maybe you may think that they are a generation back, yet I can tell you honestly that you may learn something from that generation too.  Like Saving Money Methods.

However, I listed you the top 3 Boundaries, yet out there are many more, for example the most powerful one: You are enough and you don’t have to prove to nobody anything situation.  Which in many cases its mistaken for being ‘nice’ to people who don’t deserve any coin of it!

Live life to your fullest and don’t please everybody that you encounter on your Lifespan. 🔥


Published by Andreea Apetri

Foreign Languages (Linguist): Romanian, German, English, Albanian Hobbys: Blogging 👩‍💻 + Badminton 🏸

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