How to Educate yourself in obtaining Success?

I came across a few day ago, on an interesting Quote that said: “Do not wait for success, there where discipline doesn’t exist.” – Anonym.  Many times we want success without a drop of work.  We want to shine bright, without doing an effort and this is wrong thinking.  Money doesn’t come from sky, unless we work for it.  So here comes the million-dollar question: “How to educate ourselves in order to have success?” And in today’s post I want to share if you one of the best tips learned not only through life lessons but also from elderly people. 

1# Discipline

One of the worst things that we ‘hate’ as a generation is the fact of not doing everyday a small effort towards our ‘little project’.  I learned this thing while studying in my early years Engineering.  To be honest, I hated this subject, and it’s all rules and never ending Equations, yet I’ve learned through some courses, that discipline is what makes something realizable.  You cannot wait for an instant result if you don’t push yourself every day.  You must work and work and work until you reach success!

2# Wake up Early

Don’t waste time in vain with an extra ‘5 minutes’ sleep! Success can be obtained by waking up early and doing your level best.  Hereby, you can reach success not only for yourself, but also be an example to your family or friends!

3# Avoid credits/ student loans

One the biggest mistakes in youth is to possess a credit and to be bound to it. Credits are nice, in the beginning process, because it makes you think, that you have money but afterward, it takes you into a state depression of mind, that lets you know that you don’t have actually the money to pay the credit. So in order to reach success earlier avoid this one and better win yourself a Scholarship!

Credit: Masha Beril

4# Avoid Restaurants/ Bars

Let us be honest, we love going out and the fresh made food in restaurants, but when you are a student or working yourself up, then this kind of ‘distractions’ can kill your budget! Restaurants and bars are not made for rich people only, they are also for youth when they really want to catch up with a long friend, whom they haven’t seen in a while.  So when you want to be successful, first hand you must avoid places that ‘drain’ your wallet.

5# Buying without Analyzing first

Being a woman, I love buying stuff.  From clothes till Swarovski jewelry and to be honest this kind of moves don’t bring the best out of you, because it only destroys your budget.  When you want to reach success in life, you must first of all analyze things.  For example: “Can I live without the purple dress?” or “Do I really need this sneaker?”.  This theory goes on when you want to invest in something big.  Analyzing is the most powerful tool, in today’s society so don’t underestimate it.

6# Save for Future moves

This thing I learned from my grandparents, whom I usually belittle for their moves.  Whenever I want something to buy, I usually do it secretly, because I always end up being criticized for my budget destroying.  Laughing at this thought, I want to be honest with you and to let you know that they are right, although we don’t want to believe it!  We never know when we will need money, so saving a little for future movements can help us a lot.

So, before thinking I want success now, better think how can you change yourself for better, in order to obtain your next planned Goal!

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