3 Ways to make your German lessons more attractive

In every student’s heart and mind especially on summer months there is only one word that dominate them: “Summer vacation”.  Yet, as true as it might sound, not all kids have the possibility to enjoy summer vacation as they planned it, because some parents still want their children to progress and move forward by sending them in different developing courses, let it be football, math, chess or foreign languages.  Being a foreign language student, I received a month ago an offer from a parent to help her child tutor in German Language and to be honest I didn’t have any practice or teaching experiences, yet I put my fantasy into work and here are 3 ways that I want to share with you today, that can turn a boring lesson into a great and successful one.

1# Use games to explain different Vocabulary/Grammar

My experience with teaching German has been mostly online because of the pandemic and many more reasons behind, yet I want to tell you that one way that helped me teach a child A1 German was to teach him through many games.  Today there are many live worksheets and not only.  A child can only learn once he sees some pictures or is intrigued by the colors.  Colors can make him memorize better a word or even a sound.  So before you enter tutoring, try teaching your students mostly through games than plain exercises.

2# Short texts vs Long ones

To teach a child how to read isn’t necessary to give him a long text, to wait after he finishes reading and after it to ask the plot of it.  A short text max. 7-8 sentences are enough to understand if he has difficulties in reading or not.  Texts must be entertaining or captivating and also for the students age.  It is recommendable that after reading a text to have some exercises based on it, in this way the student learns to communicate better.

3# Include short movie clips

For a language to be learned there must be audio and visual material disposable.  In German language there are always short movie clips on YouTube or other websites.  Yet, one thing you should have in mind these kind of movies are never to be put first as the lesson begins.  It is recommended that after having 30 minutes of intensive learning, to give the child a little reward.  This not only will help him understand the language better, but will also teach him how to spell better the words.

However, teaching a foreign language mustn’t be stressful nor boring.  If a child senses that you aren’t prepared or you don’t have interesting material forget that you’ll do great. 

To have a successful hour of teaching you must keep your students in excitement as they don’t know what next they’re going to learn!

Published by Andreea Apetri

Foreign Languages (Linguist): Romanian, German, English, Albanian Hobbys: Blogging 👩‍💻 + Badminton 🏸

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