How to deal with feeling lost and empty inside?

Have you ever been in a situation where everything seemed perfect fine, but still you were feeling lost?  You were lost because you didn’t know exactly what you wanted from life.  Maybe, you wanted something more but were afraid to turn the page, because nothing comes easy in life.  Maybe, you were afraid of changeContinue reading “How to deal with feeling lost and empty inside?”

Do we need more best friends or honest friends in our life?

We don’t always need thousands of friends to fill completed, but having a few people who value and care about us is the best gift in the world.  I came to this conclusion, at a party, while celebrating my friends’ birthday.  Actually, when I received an invitation from her, I was so surprised, because weContinue reading “Do we need more best friends or honest friends in our life?”

Is Betrayal a form of escaping Life duties?

“It’s better to have an enemy who slaps you in the face, than a friend who stabs you in the back.” – Anonym Ever been in that situation when you trusted a friend that much, but thought they were too good to be true? You believed them and after a period of time they steppedContinue reading “Is Betrayal a form of escaping Life duties?”

A special letter to my Past Self

Dear 15-year-old me, before I start giving life lessons, I want to tell you to stop grumbling about how difficult your life is.  Being a teenager is nothing compared to being an adult.  You’ll have pay checks to pay on time, you’ll think that finding a job is like in the movies and most ofContinue reading “A special letter to my Past Self”

Can Regret make us stronger or weaker for Future decisions?

We all have been there.  In that point where we regretted something with all our heart.  Where we doubted ourselves, whether we did the right or wrong thing.  Where we couldn’t move forward in life, yet something was holding us back.  We couldn’t experience the beauty of the present, because the past was influencing us. Continue reading “Can Regret make us stronger or weaker for Future decisions?”

Can we use Fear in our favor?

We all fear something, no matter what.  Some are experts in hiding it deep down in order to appear stronger, while others try to use it in their favor to obtain what they want. Life is challenging, but we shouldn’t back off and cry in a corner.  We must know how to prepare all thoseContinue reading “Can we use Fear in our favor?”

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