What is writer’s block and how can we overcome it? (3 effective tips)

I want to write, but I don’t know what.  This is the sentence that almost all the times we hear it from writers or amateur writers.  We have inspiration, but we actually don’t know how to put words onto the paper.  Well, dear reader it happened to me, it maybe happened to you too andContinue reading “What is writer’s block and how can we overcome it? (3 effective tips)”

3 Ways to make your German lessons more attractive

In every student’s heart and mind especially on summer months there is only one word that dominate them: “Summer vacation”.  Yet, as true as it might sound, not all kids have the possibility to enjoy summer vacation as they planned it, because some parents still want their children to progress and move forward by sendingContinue reading “3 Ways to make your German lessons more attractive”

Gen Z – Who are we?

Being born and raised in a generation of Smartphones, Laptops etc., we the Gen Z have some interesting traits that differ us from other generations.  As many other peer groups, we too have pros and cons, yet the Millennials or Gen X (our parents) mostly criticizes us.  They think we are lazy and irresponsible.  Why?Continue reading “Gen Z – Who are we?”

How to Educate yourself in obtaining Success?

I came across a few day ago, on an interesting Quote that said: “Do not wait for success, there where discipline doesn’t exist.” – Anonym.  Many times we want success without a drop of work.  We want to shine bright, without doing an effort and this is wrong thinking.  Money doesn’t come from sky, unlessContinue reading “How to Educate yourself in obtaining Success?”

5 Steps on how to reach an Almost Level of Perfection

Let us come back today, to the topic of Perfection and its roots.  Some months ago I wrote a Blog Post about how Perfection is unattainable and how we should try to make our level best.  Yet, in today’s post I want to share with you, the fact that if we work every day atContinue reading “5 Steps on how to reach an Almost Level of Perfection”

7 Types of Teachers/Professors that we all have encountered at least once in our Educational Process

There is nothing more annoying than not being able to clearly understand your professor’s course requirements at an educational institution. At least, this is what I learned during my time in different schools and afterward at university.  Some of you may still wonder, if I really encountered problems with subjects and teachers, why didn’t IContinue reading “7 Types of Teachers/Professors that we all have encountered at least once in our Educational Process”

5 Reasons why you should learn a foreign language

With the increase number of population, we encounter bigger and bigger requirements from our society, nowadays.  Information develops really fast and only available in some languages that are dominant in the world of web Technology.  With this industrialization, the most influential websites are written in English (58.4%), Russian (8.0%), Spanish (4.4%) and German (3.5%) aContinue reading “5 Reasons why you should learn a foreign language”

6 Tips on how to save more money as a student

It’s Friday night and for sure you are thinking on going to a party with your friends, but as soon as you realize that your wallet has decided today to trick you on buying those ripped jeans with pearls on it or maybe those wireless earphones that you always wanted, you suddenly turned down theContinue reading “6 Tips on how to save more money as a student”

5 Tips on how to survive all by yourself in a foreign country

Tough topic I guess, for all of you students that have moved or are going to move to a new country all by themselves.  I know that this is a difficult situation and requires lots of time to adapt to the new lifestyle, but I’ll say it is possible.  I’ve been moving across countries aContinue reading “5 Tips on how to survive all by yourself in a foreign country”

Justice must be paid with a price

Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. I’m sitting here in a corner of the classroom and just looking outside the window and then back into the auditorium.  Everybody seems in tension only a few maybe not.  Maybe they do feel anxious, about their clothes not combining with one another.  SeeingContinue reading “Justice must be paid with a price”

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