A special letter to my Past Self

Dear 15-year-old me,

before I start giving life lessons, I want to tell you to stop grumbling about how difficult your life is.  Being a teenager is nothing compared to being an adult.  You’ll have pay checks to pay on time, you’ll think that finding a job is like in the movies and most of all you’ll have to fight for your word in the society.  When you are 15 you want to be 20 and when you are already 20, you want to be 15 again.  Why? Because when being an adult, you must know how to fight for yourself.  There is no more mommy and daddy to help you deal with your job, university or housing.  There is no more time to waste in vain.  Everything its planned.  From the meal you take, till the long hours you spent to perfection your career.  So dear 15-year-old self don’t start panicking and don’t start fidgeting, but do enjoy your life as a teen and be prepared when the wave will come.

The first lesson I learned as an adult, was: “Don’t give up, unless you don’t have any more choices!”  This was the toughest lesson in my life.  You know, when you are a teenager, you wish for perfection, yet that doesn’t exist.  The perfect moment doesn’t exist; the perfect timing doesn’t exist so you remain disappointed.  You want to quit what you are doing, because what if somebody laughs at you or you show yourself to stupid in front of others.  Dear past self, in life things can come across differently.  Some moments will be beautiful and some destructive, but don’t forget that giving up to soon can let a scar into your heart.  You’ll regret the fact that you didn’t try, that you didn’t even took a chance, but most of all you’ll regret the opportunity that went by.

The second lesson that you will learn as an adult is: “People come and go, but do value the ones that stay when you are in your toughest moments.”  As a teenager you’ll count on your family as a support, but when you grow up, you’ll need to create friendships in order to help you ‘survive’.  I’m not saying to forget your parents, but do try to make friendships that last.  Friendships that help you, when you are in a difficult situation or people that appreciate you for who you are.  Make friends with whom you can share an opinion and learn something in return, don’t stay with the ones that are below you, yet you won’t develop further.

The third lesson: “People will be jealous and will say YOU to stop.”  Every time you will try doing something big, people will try to prevent you from doing it.  Mostly by words, but let me tell you something, don’t be influenced by it.  If you hear me you will be happy, but if you don’t, you will suffer in that pit with your sorrows.

The fourth lesson: “Whatever you do, do your level best!” Don’t pretend something you’re not, because you’ll lose.  Maybe you went to that specialty to prove a point to your dad or you chose the subject at college just because you can make more money with it, trust me, you won’t.  People in life value others whom can also do their job very well.  Don’t be driven by others, take your responsibilities in your hands and make your own life decisions.

The fifth lesson learned: “Take care of your lifestyle.” Don’t drink coffee that much, don’t eat out every time you get money in your pocket instead do some sport.  Take good care of your body, mind and soul.  Without them we can’t live.  We can’t take actions and most of all we can’t take decisions.

The sixth lesson: “Learn how to say NO” I think this is the toughest lesson I learned.  It took me years to master the art of saying no.  People don’t know limits, so they climb the stairs up till you let them.  If you don’t like the way they treat you, then do say ‘no’ to them, but don’t let others destroy you, because you’ll suffer the consequences. 

There are many things that I learned during a short period of adulthood.  And there are sure others things that I wished to let you know, but life is a surprise.  Nobody taught me the above things, I learned them all by myself while stumbling along the steps.  Sure, I have to learn other lessons, because that what life is about, to learn each and every day.  But don’t forget dear teen, be happy as you are still a ‘child’ and value the things you have, because once you step in the adulthood there is no turning back.

With all the love,

your Future Self.

Published by Andreea Apetri

Foreign Languages (Linguist): Romanian, German, English, Albanian Hobbys: Blogging 👩‍💻 + Badminton 🏸

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