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When life goes by…

and you miss opportunities because of your fear! You miss opportunities because of some fears in the past. They don’t let you move on.  They are like beasts that drag you down.  If only you could have had some courage and say, yes.  Yes, to what scares you the most.  Yet, you closed yourself downContinue reading “When life goes by…”


Chocolate – should we take it as a Remedy for Antistress or as a Good start into the Day?

Happiness is an unexpected piece of chocolate, especially on a Monday morning! 😉 While seeping today from a cup of black Americano coffee and having a piece of semi-sweet chocolate with grated almonds melting on my tongue, I took some minutes apart from my university routine and wondered about where it derives this product thatContinue reading “Chocolate – should we take it as a Remedy for Antistress or as a Good start into the Day?”

The Feeling of being Lost (again)…

Dear Diary, Blog community, I’ve learned a lot dealing with the feeling of being lost, of being not understood… And I want to say that reflecting on this topic I can perfectly say: “It’s our decision how we look at life and take decisions!”  It’s our choice how we participate in creating our future. MaybeContinue reading “The Feeling of being Lost (again)…”

Halloween – a feast that should be celebrated or ignored all together?

Ping, my phone vibrated on the 31st of October for the news of the day.  Monday – Halloween, Elon Musk, and his 140 buddies celebrate the most desirable party of all time in the Dracula’s castle, Bran – Castle, located in Romania. Scrolling a little more down on Facebook I see one of my friends’Continue reading “Halloween – a feast that should be celebrated or ignored all together?”

7 Types of Students that we all have encountered along our University life/School days

Reflecting on my last summer vacation I can recall with great enthusiasm that I did not have a summer – beach and sea vacation like most of my colleagues did, yet I can mention that my summer was a very interesting and productive one too.  Since the beginning of the last year, I never thoughtContinue reading “7 Types of Students that we all have encountered along our University life/School days”

The Love-Algorithm – How can we modify it?

“Love is an Algorithm written between 2 Equal Souls” – Anonym Is there an Elixir or an Algorithm for falling in Love? Is there a drug or a Recipe to create in order to be in Love? Perhaps or maybe. Maybe, there is an Algorithm.  But before we dive in this concept, let’s us defineContinue reading “The Love-Algorithm – How can we modify it?”

3 Ways to make your German lessons more attractive

In every student’s heart and mind especially on summer months there is only one word that dominate them: “Summer vacation”.  Yet, as true as it might sound, not all kids have the possibility to enjoy summer vacation as they planned it, because some parents still want their children to progress and move forward by sendingContinue reading “3 Ways to make your German lessons more attractive”

Clash of Cultures: Rep. of Moldova VS Qatar VS Albania

For my Brother – Michael Every time I reflect on my journeys made in Europe and not only, I feel a wave of nostalgia cross my mind, when seeing for the first time skyscrapers, while enjoying a cup of fresh pomegranate on the streets of Souq.  Wondering on the streets of ‘Aladdin Souq’ and gettingContinue reading “Clash of Cultures: Rep. of Moldova VS Qatar VS Albania”

Gen Z – Who are we?

Being born and raised in a generation of Smartphones, Laptops etc., we the Gen Z have some interesting traits that differ us from other generations.  As many other peer groups, we too have pros and cons, yet the Millennials or Gen X (our parents) mostly criticizes us.  They think we are lazy and irresponsible.  Why?Continue reading “Gen Z – Who are we?”

5 Habits to do right Now for a better Tomorrow

“An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing” – Anonym We all have read a dozens of articles and blogs that promote healthy lifestyle/habits on a daily basis, yet sometimes we were too lazy to take actions towards it or we weren’t truly motivated.  Habits can be difficult to create especially theContinue reading “5 Habits to do right Now for a better Tomorrow”