Gen Z – Who are we?

Being born and raised in a generation of Smartphones, Laptops etc., we the Gen Z have some interesting traits that differ us from other generations.  As many other peer groups, we too have pros and cons, yet the Millennials or Gen X (our parents) mostly criticizes us.  They think we are lazy and irresponsible.  Why?Continue reading “Gen Z – Who are we?”

How to Educate yourself in obtaining Success?

I came across a few day ago, on an interesting Quote that said: “Do not wait for success, there where discipline doesn’t exist.” – Anonym.  Many times we want success without a drop of work.  We want to shine bright, without doing an effort and this is wrong thinking.  Money doesn’t come from sky, unlessContinue reading “How to Educate yourself in obtaining Success?”

5 Steps on how to reach an Almost Level of Perfection

Let us come back today, to the topic of Perfection and its roots.  Some months ago I wrote a Blog Post about how Perfection is unattainable and how we should try to make our level best.  Yet, in today’s post I want to share with you, the fact that if we work every day atContinue reading “5 Steps on how to reach an Almost Level of Perfection”

3 Ways to set Boundaries with people who Annoy you

A while ago I wrote a blog Post about how to say No to people, that always ask you to do something without your will.  And although this is a wide spread subject, still people don’t understand, that every human being has its borderline of patience.  As hard as it can be, many of usContinue reading “3 Ways to set Boundaries with people who Annoy you”

7 Types of Teachers/Professors that we all have encountered at least once in our Educational Process

There is nothing more annoying than not being able to clearly understand your professor’s course requirements at an educational institution. At least, this is what I learned during my time in different schools and afterward at university.  Some of you may still wonder, if I really encountered problems with subjects and teachers, why didn’t IContinue reading “7 Types of Teachers/Professors that we all have encountered at least once in our Educational Process”

3 Tips to consider before starting teaching a Foreign Language Online

“Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.” Oscar Wilde Ever been in a situation where you had to teach yourself a certain topic or subject at school/university, because either the class was too boring to follow or the teacher wasn’t creative enough? Many times you would come home, frustrated and upset from anotherContinue reading “3 Tips to consider before starting teaching a Foreign Language Online”

5 Ways to make your Mondays Brighter

Let’s be honest with ourselves, many of us hate Monday’s and the reason behind is the load of work that we get from our professors/bosses for the rest of our week.  I’ve been in that situation when I wanted to snooze my phone and get to sleep an extra 5 minutes on a rainy orContinue reading “5 Ways to make your Mondays Brighter”

The importance of pursuing YOUR DREAMS

“If you have a heartbeat there’s still time for your dreams” Sean Stephenson Ever been in that situation where you had to choose between following your dream and the actual reality? Where you wanted something, but were afraid to start in the very first place, because you were influenced by words of others like: “thatContinue reading “The importance of pursuing YOUR DREAMS”

What will Education look like in 20 years or more?

There are many factors that can determine the future of education from the advanced technologies till the methods of learning and teaching.  I believe that in the future it will require educators to be creative, innovative, and most importantly entrepreneurial.  Furthermore, learners will want to use more tech, will be more demanding, confident and focusedContinue reading “What will Education look like in 20 years or more?”

5 Ways how to adapt to change as an International Student

I’ve encountered lots of changes into my life, from changing houses to countries and every time I wanted to adapt to it, that much I wanted to run away. I couldn’t cope well with it.  Change is difficult for some persons, including me, but I’ve learned through many years of experiences that we should tryContinue reading “5 Ways how to adapt to change as an International Student”

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