5 Ways how to adapt to change as an International Student

I’ve encountered lots of changes into my life, from changing houses to countries and every time I wanted to adapt to it, that much I wanted to run away. I couldn’t cope well with it.  Change is difficult for some persons, including me, but I’ve learned through many years of experiences that we should tryContinue reading “5 Ways how to adapt to change as an International Student”

How is it to be an International student?

Ever since I moved to a foreign country all by myself, my friends and family would constantly ask me how would I cope.  How would I cope with university, friends, free time, etc.?  If you want to hear the beautiful part, that is fun and interesting, then go with it, but the Truth might hurtContinue reading “How is it to be an International student?”

Do we need more Courage or Discipline in Life?

Ever wondered what traits carry the successful people in their luggage?  Well, most of us would just say they are Fearless, but I would suggest Discipline.  This characteristic drives many people away when they think about achieving results, because to be honest, people don’t actually love coming out of their comfort zone.  Coming out ofContinue reading “Do we need more Courage or Discipline in Life?”

5 Effective ways to cope with exam stress

Auditorium halls.  Your breathing starts accelerating.  You sit down into a chair far away from the professors and pray to have the slightest fate on the exam, maybe a light test version.  All you think is passing the semester and the course itself.  The sheet slides in front of you and your mind suddenly goesContinue reading “5 Effective ways to cope with exam stress”

A sparkle of light in an unknown darkness

What scares you the most is what you must conquer, at least this is what I learned during my life experiences.  Nothing cuts more deep into your soul, than not being able doing what you love.  Passion and logic have had always a fight between them.  One that the human being has ignored for years,Continue reading “A sparkle of light in an unknown darkness”

The Top 6 annoying people on Social Media

Who hasn’t had that one annoying little buddy who would constantly post what’s up in their personal lives?  Are they constantly travelling somewhere? Are they again promoting their new product? Or are they just seeking attention? Well, the thing is, we shouldn’t get irritated about what others post, because in the end that’s the reasonContinue reading “The Top 6 annoying people on Social Media”

7 steps to start living your life by your own rules

What if I can’t finish my university degree? What if I can’t study the language course that I picked up last month ago? What if I can’t manage to find a student job? What if… What if… What if…?  Although sometimes we are hit by a wave of negative thoughts and think to ourselves, canContinue reading “7 steps to start living your life by your own rules”

5 Ways to learn a foreign language

Ever wondered if you would know a difficult foreign language you’d become cooler in your circle of friends?  You’d be become more confident within yourself and would travel the world more.  Perhaps, you thought about all of this before, but knowing the difficulty and long hours that must be dedicated to studying the language, itContinue reading “5 Ways to learn a foreign language”

How to travel in 2020

The morning I woke up, I thought to myself to book a holiday after the almost holiday I had in quarantine.  Something drew me closer to the Trip Advisor site, which was hidden under YouTube and Google for two months long.  I clicked it open and started checking an interesting destination, but a thought inContinue reading “How to travel in 2020”

How to improve studying online: 5 ways

A message here, a message there, a phone call now and a Zoom meeting in 5 minutes.  We all have been faced with this situation, nowadays that everybody went online working, especially students.  Studying has become our worst nightmare.  If we thought that this, quarantine, is going to be just a vacation, teachers and professorsContinue reading “How to improve studying online: 5 ways”

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