3 tips to get inspired on learning your New Target Language

Ever since I was a child, I always believed what Perfect Structured Essays meant.  And throughout the years, I understood that every human being has his own Writing Style.  Let me give you an example: My grandfather, Dumitru writes very patriotically and lyrical articles about the Romanian folk (M. Eminescu etc.), another colleague that IContinue reading “3 tips to get inspired on learning your New Target Language”

3 Tips to consider before starting teaching a Foreign Language Online

“Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.” Oscar Wilde Ever been in a situation where you had to teach yourself a certain topic or subject at school/university, because either the class was too boring to follow or the teacher wasn’t creative enough? Many times you would come home, frustrated and upset from anotherContinue reading “3 Tips to consider before starting teaching a Foreign Language Online”

Do you make this common German mistakes?

Oktoberfest.  Beer & Pretzel.  Lots of people, loud music and the smell of barbecues fills your lungs.  Although you are with your friends, still you want to test your abilities of German language.  You take out your wallet and proceed going to the cashier, while mumbling some German words.  “Ein Brötchen mit Leberwurst, bitte.” (OneContinue reading “Do you make this common German mistakes?”

5 Ways to learn a foreign language

Ever wondered if you would know a difficult foreign language you’d become cooler in your circle of friends?  You’d be become more confident within yourself and would travel the world more.  Perhaps, you thought about all of this before, but knowing the difficulty and long hours that must be dedicated to studying the language, itContinue reading “5 Ways to learn a foreign language”

5 Reasons why you should learn a foreign language

With the increase number of population, we encounter bigger and bigger requirements from our society, nowadays.  Information develops really fast and only available in some languages that are dominant in the world of web Technology.  With this industrialization, the most influential websites are written in English (58.4%), Russian (8.0%), Spanish (4.4%) and German (3.5%) aContinue reading “5 Reasons why you should learn a foreign language”

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