How to have Courage to Change when life gives you lemons?

I’ve encountered many disappointments in life and one of the biggest lessons that I have learned was to have the courage to change.  To adapt to the new environment, to be open to new ideas, to think positive and most of all to be thankful to the universe and people that care about you.

5 Ways how to see Challenges as an Opportunity in Life

We all face challenges in different periods of our lifetime, and it doesn’t matter if we are risk-takers or just unadventurous people.  Everyone of us has a mission which must be completed, yet we sometimes feel scared or afraid of the outcome.  I’ve come with this topic recently, while finishing the first book in theContinue reading “5 Ways how to see Challenges as an Opportunity in Life”

Can Regret make us stronger or weaker for Future decisions?

We all have been there.  In that point where we regretted something with all our heart.  Where we doubted ourselves, whether we did the right or wrong thing.  Where we couldn’t move forward in life, yet something was holding us back.  We couldn’t experience the beauty of the present, because the past was influencing us. Continue reading “Can Regret make us stronger or weaker for Future decisions?”

Do we need more Courage or Discipline in Life?

Ever wondered what traits carry the successful people in their luggage?  Well, most of us would just say they are Fearless, but I would suggest Discipline.  This characteristic drives many people away when they think about achieving results, because to be honest, people don’t actually love coming out of their comfort zone.  Coming out ofContinue reading “Do we need more Courage or Discipline in Life?”

Procrastination: a way to show Laziness or Fear?

Creativity comes with last-minute panic.  Familiar with this phrase? I bet it’s pretty common this days, especially now in quarantine, to do our work/assignments a few hours before the due date.  A wave of guilt washes us from head to toe and we still don’t take actions.  We don’t take a step to stop thatContinue reading “Procrastination: a way to show Laziness or Fear?”

7 steps to start living your life by your own rules

What if I can’t finish my university degree? What if I can’t study the language course that I picked up last month ago? What if I can’t manage to find a student job? What if… What if… What if…?  Although sometimes we are hit by a wave of negative thoughts and think to ourselves, canContinue reading “7 steps to start living your life by your own rules”

Top 7 Types of people in a Chat Group

It’s finally Friday evening!  An evening when you could definitely do what you’ve planned all week.  Maybe go out at the fanciest restaurant and drink a glass of red wine or go to a party with all of your friends.  But as the Contagion movie became real, many of us, are now, stuck at homeContinue reading “Top 7 Types of people in a Chat Group”

How to improve studying online: 5 ways

A message here, a message there, a phone call now and a Zoom meeting in 5 minutes.  We all have been faced with this situation, nowadays that everybody went online working, especially students.  Studying has become our worst nightmare.  If we thought that this, quarantine, is going to be just a vacation, teachers and professorsContinue reading “How to improve studying online: 5 ways”

6 Tips on how to save more money as a student

It’s Friday night and for sure you are thinking on going to a party with your friends, but as soon as you realize that your wallet has decided today to trick you on buying those ripped jeans with pearls on it or maybe those wireless earphones that you always wanted, you suddenly turned down theContinue reading “6 Tips on how to save more money as a student”

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