What is writer’s block and how can we overcome it? (3 effective tips)

I want to write, but I don’t know what.  This is the sentence that almost all the times we hear it from writers or amateur writers.  We have inspiration, but we actually don’t know how to put words onto the paper.  Well, dear reader it happened to me, it maybe happened to you too and maybe you are out there reading this blog post and thinking “I should get to my writings or else I’m losing my audience”.  It’s not easy to write. And surely it’s not easy to get every time inspired by something, but it’s easy to find the cause of why it happens and to learn from it for future purposes.  To be honest I’ve been missing writing… I’ve left it for a period of time because I was feeling unsure if I was doing good enough or not.  If my audience liked it or not, but in all this mess I understood that it’s not about my audience but about me.  If I enjoy that matters the most.  So, in today’s post I want to share with you guys, 3 effective tips on how to overcome writers block.

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3 Ways to make your German lessons more attractive

In every student’s heart and mind especially on summer months there is only one word that dominate them: “Summer vacation”.  Yet, as true as it might sound, not all kids have the possibility to enjoy summer vacation as they planned it, because some parents still want their children to progress and move forward by sending them in different developing courses, let it be football, math, chess or foreign languages.  Being a foreign language student, I received a month ago an offer from a parent to help her child tutor in German Language and to be honest I didn’t have any practice or teaching experiences, yet I put my fantasy into work and here are 3 ways that I want to share with you today, that can turn a boring lesson into a great and successful one.

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Clash of Cultures: Rep. of Moldova VS Qatar VS Albania

For my Brother – Michael

Every time I reflect on my journeys made in Europe and not only, I feel a wave of nostalgia cross my mind, when seeing for the first time skyscrapers, while enjoying a cup of fresh pomegranate on the streets of Souq.  Wondering on the streets of ‘Aladdin Souq’ and getting lost in the smell of spices in big different sacks has made me reflect today, that what looks like in postcards is not always the reality.  So in today’s post I want to share with you, my little brother and readers too, the reality behind each country mentioning not only the cons, but also what impressed me the most.  So let’s get started!

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Gen Z – Who are we?

Being born and raised in a generation of Smartphones, Laptops etc., we the Gen Z have some interesting traits that differ us from other generations.  As many other peer groups, we too have pros and cons, yet the Millennials or Gen X (our parents) mostly criticizes us.  They think we are lazy and irresponsible.  Why? Because we only want things ready and without making a big effort to achieve them.  I’ve learned so many things growing up as a Gen Z, but most importantly, not to give up even in the toughest situations.   However, in this blog post I want to introduce you, dear reader on the things that encourages and enrages us, as a Gen Z.

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Why overthinking is a bad habit and how to stop it?

Ever been in a situation where you thought for hours, maybe days, on how will it unfold an important meeting to get your new job or even meet a new person?  You had planned in your head every possible scenario and answers of any kind on how to get out of an uncomfortable situation.  You may even have had in the very first place a stubborn thought, on not going at all to that meeting, just for the sake of not knowing how to react if a tiny, uncomfortable situation arose.  Well, let me tell you, my dear friend, overthinking is the art of creating problems that weren’t even there before. 

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How to Educate yourself in obtaining Success?

I came across a few day ago, on an interesting Quote that said: “Do not wait for success, there where discipline doesn’t exist.” – Anonym.  Many times we want success without a drop of work.  We want to shine bright, without doing an effort and this is wrong thinking.  Money doesn’t come from sky, unless we work for it.  So here comes the million-dollar question: “How to educate ourselves in order to have success?” And in today’s post I want to share if you one of the best tips learned not only through life lessons but also from elderly people. 

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5 Steps on how to reach an Almost Level of Perfection

Let us come back today, to the topic of Perfection and its roots.  Some months ago I wrote a Blog Post about how Perfection is unattainable and how we should try to make our level best.  Yet, in today’s post I want to share with you, the fact that if we work every day at our own little ‘project’, then we can really reach an almost level of Perfection.

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3 Ways to set Boundaries with people who Annoy you

A while ago I wrote a blog Post about how to say No to people, that always ask you to do something without your will.  And although this is a wide spread subject, still people don’t understand, that every human being has its borderline of patience.  As hard as it can be, many of us don’t even know how to ‘eliminate’ this kind of people, and in order not to offence someone, we turn to ignore them.  We ignore by not responding to their messages, phone calls or even in person discussions.  Some of us will even bypass that one person who ruins their day, but let me be honest with you, guys, we cannot avoid somebody for the whole of our lives.  We can’t hide in the bushes or after a wall, because that one person is crossing the street as you are.  Yet, we can set some boundaries, that can help eliminate the negative from our life. But before we go to that part, let me explain what Boundaries are.  From the Oxford Dictionary, Boundary is a real or imagined line that marks the limits or edges of something and separates it from other things or places; a dividing line.  Now, that the concept is explained we can move forward to the next step.

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3 tips to get inspired on learning your New Target Language

Ever since I was a child, I always believed what Perfect Structured Essays meant.  And throughout the years, I understood that every human being has his own Writing Style.  Let me give you an example: My grandfather, Dumitru writes very patriotically and lyrical articles about the Romanian folk (M. Eminescu etc.), another colleague that I met in high-school, whom, I’ve never read his Essays, because I always felt inferior in asking him this question, in order not to be wrongly judged (Adolescent years), yet he was always the Star of the Class in Literature.  And today a person who never took IELTS in her life, but got really inspired from reading the satire trilogy of Kevin Kwan (Crazy Rich Asians) is going to share with you some tips, in order to feel inspired in learning your next foreign language.

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7 Types of Teachers/Professors that we all have encountered at least once in our Educational Process

There is nothing more annoying than not being able to clearly understand your professor’s course requirements at an educational institution. At least, this is what I learned during my time in different schools and afterward at university.  Some of you may still wonder, if I really encountered problems with subjects and teachers, why didn’t I change schools or transfer to a better one?  And indeed, I transferred to 6 different schools (middle + high school) while being a minor and to be honest it didn’t change a single thing.   Because, wherever you may go, even in the most ‘ideal’ country, you will surely encounter that one specific professor, who won’t be your greatest supporter and even give you law marks, because he thinks ‘you aren’t good enough’.   And in today’s post I want to share with you, guys, some of my interesting experiences, throughout my life, mentioning not only the ‘villains’ but also the ones who truly inspired me to become the person I’m today.  So, let’s start the list, shall we?

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