Recipe or Potion for Love?

Love is strange.  Love is unpredictable.  Love is fireworks. Either we love with all our heart or we don’t.  There is no IN between.  Love consists of rules.  Rules that if are broken, we are confronted with consequences.  Love is like a cupcake.  We must add the right ingredients to have the perfect result.  But can we trick love?  Can we pretend to love someone only for something in return?  Yes, no, perhaps.  It all depends within ourselves.  If we love the way they ‘love’ us, because we want something from them, then this is our choice and we can’t blame others.  If we love somebody and the affection is not returned should we make a potion or start from scratch again?  Maybe we skipped a step and the result isn’t phenomenal as we expected it.  Maybe we wanted a fast result without working on it too much.  But let me tell you something.  There isn’t a perfect recipe for love and there isn’t a potion to make somebody love you. 

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A sparkle of light in an unknown darkness

What scares you the most is what you must conquer, at least this is what I learned during my life experiences.  Nothing cuts more deep into your soul, than not being able doing what you love.  Passion and logic have had always a fight between them.  One that the human being has ignored for years, pushing it in the back of their mind.  But no, the brutal truth hides there in our subconscious mind, remembering us every single moment that we are doing the wrong thing.  It’s interesting how we lie to ourselves in order to show off, when deep inside us, we are dying.  We die every second of our lives keeping a façade in front of our family and friends, because in the end we all want to appear fun and cool to be around.  But this game is only consuming our precious time.  Who wants a fake friend? No one wants that, and that’s why we end in an endless game between light and darkness.

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The Top 6 annoying people on Social Media

Who hasn’t had that one annoying little buddy who would constantly post what’s up in their personal lives?  Are they constantly travelling somewhere? Are they again promoting their new product? Or are they just seeking attention? Well, the thing is, we shouldn’t get irritated about what others post, because in the end that’s the reason Social Media exists, to reconnect with others and see what they are up to in their lives.  But either way those little annoying posts, can sometimes bring us a smile to our faces, because no matter what we think about their tweets, we can always crack jokes about it later with our friends.

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The ultimate Guide on how to Fail in life

Nobody wants to hear about Fail.  Nobody wants to even read such a word, because it takes them back to the times they didn’t succeed or didn’t do well enough, but let me tell you something: there is no great success without failing.  Failing is a way to improve our lifestyle, not only our career. There is always a raise of questions, on how can we succeed, but ever wondered how could we fail?

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7 steps to start living your life by your own rules

What if I can’t finish my university degree? What if I can’t study the language course that I picked up last month ago? What if I can’t manage to find a student job? What if… What if… What if…?  Although sometimes we are hit by a wave of negative thoughts and think to ourselves, can we deal with all the things that we planned during high-school?  Life is hard unless you don’t make your own decisions and life is even harder if you follow somebody else rules. 

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5 Ways to learn a foreign language

Ever wondered if you would know a difficult foreign language you’d become cooler in your circle of friends?  You’d be become more confident within yourself and would travel the world more.  Perhaps, you thought about all of this before, but knowing the difficulty and long hours that must be dedicated to studying the language, it kind of made you lose interest.  Maybe, in the end, you thought it is better to translate with a tech robot than spend hours and hours on something that billions of people know.  So I thought, writing about foreign languages as how to learn them and not get frustrated, but to be like a piece of chocolate in your pocket every day.

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How to travel in 2020

The morning I woke up, I thought to myself to book a holiday after the almost holiday I had in quarantine.  Something drew me closer to the Trip Advisor site, which was hidden under YouTube and Google for two months long.  I clicked it open and started checking an interesting destination, but a thought in the back of my mind was killing me: What if? What if I’ll get sick? So I thought writing a post to all of you who think that traveling in 2020/2021 can be fun.

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Top 7 Types of people in a Chat Group

It’s finally Friday evening!  An evening when you could definitely do what you’ve planned all week.  Maybe go out at the fanciest restaurant and drink a glass of red wine or go to a party with all of your friends.  But as the Contagion movie became real, many of us, are now, stuck at home and respecting social distancing.  Some of us have even undertaken measures.  Who told you that we can’t have fun in quarantine?  A cup of tea, some biscuits, and a Zoom meeting, voila!

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What to do when you are bored in quarantine?

Quarantine is nice, especially the very first days, when you have lots of free time and can do whatever you like but after a week or so things start to get boring.  You don’t want to watch anymore movies or cook every day food.  You just want to get outdoors and be free again, just like a bird out of the cage.  So I am writing this post, to give you a little bit of boost emotions and to make this quarantine easily pass away.

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