Clash of Cultures: Rep. of Moldova VS Qatar VS Albania

For my Brother – Michael Every time I reflect on my journeys made in Europe and not only, I feel a wave of nostalgia cross my mind, when seeing for the first time skyscrapers, while enjoying a cup of fresh pomegranate on the streets of Souq.  Wondering on the streets of ‘Aladdin Souq’ and gettingContinue reading “Clash of Cultures: Rep. of Moldova VS Qatar VS Albania”

How is it to be an International student?

Ever since I moved to a foreign country all by myself, my friends and family would constantly ask me how would I cope.  How would I cope with university, friends, free time, etc.?  If you want to hear the beautiful part, that is fun and interesting, then go with it, but the Truth might hurtContinue reading “How is it to be an International student?”

50 Shades of Red

There is nothing wrong with doing sport, but climbing a cherry tree is way cooler, than the stairs at Fitness.  June, the month of smiles.  The month of summer fruits and the month of climbing trees.  A month where you can feel a child at heart.  But most importantly a month without weight gain.  StillContinue reading “50 Shades of Red”

5 Ways to learn a foreign language

Ever wondered if you would know a difficult foreign language you’d become cooler in your circle of friends?  You’d be become more confident within yourself and would travel the world more.  Perhaps, you thought about all of this before, but knowing the difficulty and long hours that must be dedicated to studying the language, itContinue reading “5 Ways to learn a foreign language”

How to travel in 2020

The morning I woke up, I thought to myself to book a holiday after the almost holiday I had in quarantine.  Something drew me closer to the Trip Advisor site, which was hidden under YouTube and Google for two months long.  I clicked it open and started checking an interesting destination, but a thought inContinue reading “How to travel in 2020”

5 Tips on how to survive all by yourself in a foreign country

Tough topic I guess, for all of you students that have moved or are going to move to a new country all by themselves.  I know that this is a difficult situation and requires lots of time to adapt to the new lifestyle, but I’ll say it is possible.  I’ve been moving across countries aContinue reading “5 Tips on how to survive all by yourself in a foreign country”

Social media a way to destroy someone’s life?

Ping, my phone vibrated for the fiftieth time that day. I ran to the couch where my phone was because, I was literally obsessed with social media and saw on the bright screen a notification that said: “Someone posted for the first time in a while”.  I clicked on it and Bang, skyscrapers and someoneContinue reading “Social media a way to destroy someone’s life?”

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