How did Quarantine change my Perception on Life?

I’ve always wondered why did many people perceive Freedom, as an act of going out for a coffee or to a party?  I remember in March, when everything shut down for a couple of months due to Covid-19 and people being upset as why their freedom was “stolen”. It occurred to me only today, that actually people were never free in their thinking, they just pretended to be.  Many people think that freedom is just going out with your friends or attending social gatherings, yet this word has a more complex meaning.  In the Oxford Dictionary freedom means the power or right to do or say what you want without anyone stopping you and I think that this is true as long as we respect some ground rules. 

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5 Ways how to see Challenges as an Opportunity in Life

We all face challenges in different periods of our lifetime, and it doesn’t matter if we are risk-takers or just unadventurous people.  Everyone of us has a mission which must be completed, yet we sometimes feel scared or afraid of the outcome.  I’ve come with this topic recently, while finishing the first book in the trilogy of Me Before You written by Jojo Moyes.  A book that put me on thoughts, on why did it ended that way.  Anyway, I don’t want to make a spoiler, yet I want to share with you, some ways in how to see challenges as an opportunity and not as a threat.

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5 Ways how to adapt to change as an International Student

I’ve encountered lots of changes into my life, from changing houses to countries and every time I wanted to adapt to it, that much I wanted to run away. I couldn’t cope well with it.  Change is difficult for some persons, including me, but I’ve learned through many years of experiences that we should try to adapt to it or else we wouldn’t be able to realize our dreams.  We mustn’t fear adjustments because, they are there to help us grow and develop as a better person.  So, I’m writing this article to let you know some of the ways of taking change as a good experience and not as a catastrophe.

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5 Ways how Journaling can help YOU rearrange your lifestyle

Putting pen to paper is a mystical way to access your most profound truths – Marie Forleo

Ever since I was a child, I liked writing journals, yet when I stepped into the adulthood and encountered lots of problems I immediately stopped doing this activity.  I stopped buying those beautiful page journals and pens and started mourning about how difficult my life was.  Every day I was concentrating on my problems and not the solutions.  In that period of my life, where everything turned upside down I turned my head to books.  I wanted somehow to escape the reality and dive into the unknown.  Into some fiction stories that had a happy ending.  Some people blamed me at that time, as irresponsible and lazy, yet I was trying to understand how writing worked, because when you stop writing for a long time, you tend to forget that skill.  I read hundreds of books and somehow the taste of writing came back to me.  I bought a simple, yet thick notebook and started writing about my day, but as days passed by, I understood that I was starting to recreate my lifestyle and not just complain about it.  So, I’m writing this post to let you know, how can journaling help into changing your lifestyle routine.

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A Guide on how to start spending more money on Experiences

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic.  Why? Because it’s a topic where most of people, especially youth, find themselves into a crossroad, whether to buy a T-shirt for the same amount of money that can be spent on an experience.  For many years, I grew up with the feeling of buying more material objects rather than travel.  Sure, travel can be expensive, but if you start doing some calculations along, you can be surprised to find out that you’ve spent much more on material things, rather on your development.  When we think of experiences, we think directly on travel, but this is wrong.  Experiences can be even a day out with your friends enjoying a lunch or dinner.  Experience can be a tour with the boat on Danube near your house or it can be just a picnic in the park.  So, I’m writing this article to show you when to stop buying yourself unnecessarily things and start doing something more valuable.   

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From where derives the feeling of being Lost in Life?

Feeling lost it’s just an excuse of not taking seriously your responsibilities in the hands.  Some weeks ago I wrote an article about How to deal with feeling lost and empty inside and I thought of writing today a post to show you some reasons why do we feel this way.  Sometimes, especially when we hit the twenties, we start putting in doubt everything about our life. Starting from our career till the relationships.  We start asking people if we are doing the right or wrong thing.  But most of all we start feeling lost, empty and distracted as what we want in life.  I’ve been in that phase where I didn’t know what I wanted from life.  I’ve been there where I thought that if somebody took decisions for me, I would be much happier and doing other things rather than taking charge of my mistakes, yet I was wrong.

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How to know if you are driven by others in taking decisions in Life?

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to do something that your friend/family wanted, but actually, You, yourself didn’t want that much?  You were forced thinking that the thing is good for you and really helpful, yet that wasn’t what brought you a smile to your face.  You did it anyway, just to make the other person happy, but deep down within yourself, you were feeling empty, unhappy and most of all unsatisfied.  So today, I’m writing a post to let you know some ways when you must stop doing what others want and start living your life by your own rules.

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How can Perseverance be a useful skill in life?

We can always accomplish big things in life, if we dedicate enough time, hard work and perseverance.  A lesson learned through many times of disappointment.  Through many times of analyzing the results of my actions.  And finally, after so many times of failure I came to the conclusion that nothing can be done without having a little bit of PERSEVERANCE in life.  Some of you may wonder what this word means.  By the Oxford’s Learners Dictionaries, perseverance means: the quality of continuing to try to achieve a particular aim despite difficulties. 

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Can the expectation of appreciation from others destroy you?

Many times I’ve saw how people do something and wait appreciation from others, including me myself.  I always wanted to prove something to someone, let it be, family or friends, yet it always left me disappointed.  It left me feeling uncompleted.  You would wonder why? You would wonder why this feedback didn’t make me happy, because through it we can improve for better and I looked for this answer in me for many years.  I wanted to feel appreciated because that gave me power in the society.  It simply gave me a voice in the millions of others, but that was wrong waiting for it.  It was wrong thinking that if somebody liked what I created, I would be happier and luckier at the same time.

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Do we need to strive for Perfection in Life?

In the last post that I wrote I said a sentence like: Don’t try to reach perfection in life […], and somebody – my dad actually, read recently my blog and commented something that made me rethink perfection: Nothing wrong to aim for perfection, if you aim for less than that, you will achieve even less…  Many people will say that this is true, that people should aim perfectionism, that they should take more time to invest in the things they care.  But why? Why do we always need to challenge ourselves in striking perfection even though it doesn’t exist? The answer is that we like to push ourselves to the limit in order to work harder and be the best in our field.

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