Why overthinking is a bad habit and how to stop it?

Ever been in a situation where you thought for hours, maybe days, on how will it unfold an important meeting to get your new job or even meet a new person?  You had planned in your head every possible scenario and answers of any kind on how to get out of an uncomfortable situation.  YouContinue reading “Why overthinking is a bad habit and how to stop it?”

3 Ways to set Boundaries with people who Annoy you

A while ago I wrote a blog Post about how to say No to people, that always ask you to do something without your will.  And although this is a wide spread subject, still people don’t understand, that every human being has its borderline of patience.  As hard as it can be, many of usContinue reading “3 Ways to set Boundaries with people who Annoy you”

3 Effective Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle

Since kids, we are taught in schools and outside of it, through articles or blog posts, that if we want a healthy living, we must follow the food pyramid (nutrition) as well as doing lots of sports and thinking positive.  At first sight, there is nothing wrong with this plan, yet if we think aContinue reading “3 Effective Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle”

Should we blame the stars for our relationship?

As we entered the month of gifts (Valentine’s Day) we start wondering if the guy that we just met or our first stage relationship clicks.  We start scrolling into all those perfect written articles about ‘Zodiac signs and traits’ and think to ourselves are they all true.  Because the reason behind all of this, isContinue reading “Should we blame the stars for our relationship?”

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