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What is writer’s block and how can we overcome it? (3 effective tips)

I want to write, but I don’t know what.  This is the sentence that almost all the times we hear it from writers or amateur writers.  We have inspiration, but we actually don’t know how to put words onto the paper.  Well, dear reader it happened to me, it maybe happened to you too andContinue reading “What is writer’s block and how can we overcome it? (3 effective tips)”

3 Effective Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle

Since kids, we are taught in schools and outside of it, through articles or blog posts, that if we want a healthy living, we must follow the food pyramid (nutrition) as well as doing lots of sports and thinking positive.  At first sight, there is nothing wrong with this plan, yet if we think aContinue reading “3 Effective Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle”

Do you make this common German mistakes?

Oktoberfest.  Beer & Pretzel.  Lots of people, loud music and the smell of barbecues fills your lungs.  Although you are with your friends, still you want to test your abilities of German language.  You take out your wallet and proceed going to the cashier, while mumbling some German words.  “Ein Brötchen mit Leberwurst, bitte.” (OneContinue reading “Do you make this common German mistakes?”

5 Tips on how to survive all by yourself in a foreign country

Tough topic I guess, for all of you students that have moved or are going to move to a new country all by themselves.  I know that this is a difficult situation and requires lots of time to adapt to the new lifestyle, but I’ll say it is possible.  I’ve been moving across countries aContinue reading “5 Tips on how to survive all by yourself in a foreign country”