3 Ways to make your German lessons more attractive

In every student’s heart and mind especially on summer months there is only one word that dominate them: “Summer vacation”.  Yet, as true as it might sound, not all kids have the possibility to enjoy summer vacation as they planned it, because some parents still want their children to progress and move forward by sendingContinue reading “3 Ways to make your German lessons more attractive”

Do you make this common German mistakes?

Oktoberfest.  Beer & Pretzel.  Lots of people, loud music and the smell of barbecues fills your lungs.  Although you are with your friends, still you want to test your abilities of German language.  You take out your wallet and proceed going to the cashier, while mumbling some German words.  “Ein Brötchen mit Leberwurst, bitte.” (OneContinue reading “Do you make this common German mistakes?”

Top 3 Movies that can drag you out of your comfort zone!

Everyone loves comfort zones, but are they actually healthy?  Are they good for our souls?  In every article that I would open, there will be this answer NO with capital letters even, but actually this is wrong.  Everybody needs a little bit of comfort zone, to feel safe just a little, but not too muchContinue reading “Top 3 Movies that can drag you out of your comfort zone!”

5 Things I learned while studying the German language

Flip the page, flip another and another.  Where is the letter “S”? Now find the consonant ‘c’ and then ‘h’.  God this language, it makes me crazy!  I can’t find nothing about this word: “Streichholzschächtelchen” I was standing with my German books opened in front of me and a thick Duden dictionary.  1047 pages ofContinue reading “5 Things I learned while studying the German language”

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