How did Quarantine change my Perception on Life?

I’ve always wondered why did many people perceive Freedom, as an act of going out for a coffee or to a party?  I remember in March, when everything shut down for a couple of months due to Covid-19 and people being upset as why their freedom was “stolen”. It occurred to me only today, that actually people were never free in their thinking, they just pretended to be.  Many people think that freedom is just going out with your friends or attending social gatherings, yet this word has a more complex meaning.  In the Oxford Dictionary freedom means the power or right to do or say what you want without anyone stopping you and I think that this is true as long as we respect some ground rules. 

Every society to exists needs common territory, interaction and culture, thus is possible only with people respecting some laws, that are set by the authorities of the country itself.  Nevertheless, there are still people who think that going against the law of quarantine can change their life drastically.  In my opinion this is wrong perception.  Quarantine made us look at things differently, and not only on our hobbies and relationships but also in our career paths.

Some of us can say that quarantine changed their perception on life and I totally agree with you, because I too, changed some beliefs.  I never thought that going online with just a click of a button, could open so many doors to opportunities.  Opportunities that in other parts of the world will cost a fortune, yet here you could learn basically for free, from science to foreign languages.  Internet is so much more, than a place for Facebook and Instagram.  It’s an open book where you can find plenty of resources for free. 

Another belief that I changed was the fact that if you want to survive in the online world you must provide good content.  Basically, this is the Number 1 rule in the online world.  As soon as quarantine started, I tried to write articles that had at its base fact content.  This has helped me understand that not every blog survives in the millions of others.  Many people provide today lots of information that not always resembles the truth.  If you want success than work smart for it.

And the third belief that I changed during the Pandemic crisis is that we are self-responsible to create our own happiness.  Being in Quarantine or being stuck somewhere away from your bf/gf or family was the worst scenario that I imagined, that indeed happened.  Yet, this doesn’t mean that we must be unhappy all the time.  Crisis can occur at any moment of our lifetime and we must learn how to cope with it.  We create our own happiness and we also are responsible for it. 

Quarantine doesn’t mean freedom taken, yet it means developing oneself for a better online society.  And we must be thankful that we have such a great opportunity, because if you already possess something online (blog, vlog, YouTube channel) you are Somebody in comparison to your colleagues/friends.  You can give an opinion and be an influencer to. 

Don’t look for freedom in bars or parties, look for freedom in the online world, because only there you can express your opinion and be heard from millions of others.

Published by Andreea Apetri

Foreign Languages (Linguist): Romanian, German, English, Albanian Hobbys: Blogging 👩‍💻 + Badminton 🏸

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