3 Tips to consider before starting teaching a Foreign Language Online

“Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.”

Oscar Wilde

Ever been in a situation where you had to teach yourself a certain topic or subject at school/university, because either the class was too boring to follow or the teacher wasn’t creative enough? Many times you would come home, frustrated and upset from another day spent in vain and thinking to yourself, maybe for the fifth time, if there was any point in going to an educational institution ever again? But as much as we want to quit education, that much we need it in our pockets.  We need a degree to get ourselves a decent job or even a part-time one, and thus we start looking either for private tutoring or search information in the Crash Course – YouTube database.  Yet, a week ago a friend of a friend of mine asked me, if I was willing to tutor her child online German, just to have a good mark on its annual report, and the first thought that into my mind was: “I will teach someone, so that they do not go through the same mistakes as I went, through school as a child.”  So, I’m writing this article for all of you out there, who know a foreign language or two, but don’t know how to help your siblings/friends when struggling with their homework.

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5 Ways to make your Mondays Brighter

Let’s be honest with ourselves, many of us hate Monday’s and the reason behind is the load of work that we get from our professors/bosses for the rest of our week.  I’ve been in that situation when I wanted to snooze my phone and get to sleep an extra 5 minutes on a rainy or frosty Monday morning Monday, yet duties were calling and all I could do was grab a cup of coffee and up to work.  Many times we believe in this silly idea that Mondays are horror, but the honest truth is that, Mondays are there for us to help reorganize our week and thoughts.  So I’m writing this post for all of you out there, who don’t like Mondays, but still are optimistic to change this belief.

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3 Effective Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle

Since kids, we are taught in schools and outside of it, through articles or blog posts, that if we want a healthy living, we must follow the food pyramid (nutrition) as well as doing lots of sports and thinking positive.  At first sight, there is nothing wrong with this plan, yet if we think a little bit deeper as an adult, we will realize that, we actually never were taught how to stick to positive thoughts in certain crisis. When we feel down, we look for something easy to improve our bad mood, thus we turn to alcohol or even worse technology abuse. Of course, that leading a healthy routine is not that easy as it sounds, you must constantly make physical and mental effort, to achieve a result.  However, I have come to realize over the years, that there are some tricks in order to have positive vibes or at least lead a healthier everyday living and for this reason I would like to share with you today these ideas.

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The importance of pursuing YOUR DREAMS

“If you have a heartbeat there’s still time for your dreams”

Sean Stephenson

Ever been in that situation where you had to choose between following your dream and the actual reality? Where you wanted something, but were afraid to start in the very first place, because you were influenced by words of others like: “that profession is in extinct” or “with what money will you live if you do that job?”.  Well, dear reader, I’ve been in that situation, were I thought that skipping my dreams, in the very first place would bring me joy and recognition from others.  That hurting and sabotaging myself, just to create an image for my family and colleagues, costed me a lot and I would give everything back to start from the beginning.  

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To-Do List for 2021

Phew, we made it!  We officially entered a New Year and we precisely wished ourselves to be ‘Our Year’, yet nonetheless some of us are still questioning themselves if it’s worth investing in a new Planner?  If it really makes sense planning in advance or will 2021 be again the Pajama Year?

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A different kind of Holiday Season

A few days ago a friend of mine, asked me an ‘interesting’ question that I wanted to share with you today: “Where are you going to celebrate New Year?”  I didn’t give it to much thought and I responded her: “Couch, Eating, drinking and scrolling down Facebook and Instagram!” Many of you would think that it was kind of an irony what I told my friend, some of you would think that I wanted to escape a conversation with the ‘annoying friend’, yet I will be really sincere with you guys that this answer followed me the whole 2020 calendar holidays.  Starting with Easter and closing it up with New Year. 

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Why having a Grandma is the best remedy for when you feel down?

A grandma is warm hugs and sweet memories. She remembers all of your accomplishments and forgets all of your mistakes. – Barbara Cage

Have you ever had a grandma or two, to whom you turned for a second advice? To whom you went because it made you feel safer than out there in the claws of the society? Well, I did, maybe you did to and for this we must be thankful.  Having a Grandma is not only about the sweet moments that she can provide you, having a grandma is about making you realize that you are a much stronger person than you actually think.  I remember long ago when I changed university and started studying a new subject.  I thought that I would fail the course itself, but no.  I thought it was a miracle that happened, yet I understood later that behind every miracle there is always somebody who cares and prays for your wellbeing.  

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What will Education look like in 20 years or more?

There are many factors that can determine the future of education from the advanced technologies till the methods of learning and teaching.  I believe that in the future it will require educators to be creative, innovative, and most importantly entrepreneurial.  Furthermore, learners will want to use more tech, will be more demanding, confident and focused as consumers of education.

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How to have Courage to Change when life gives you lemons?

I’ve encountered many disappointments in life and one of the biggest lessons that I have learned was to have the courage to change.  To adapt to the new environment, to be open to new ideas, to think positive and most of all to be thankful to the universe and people that care about you.

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5 Habits to do right Now for a better Tomorrow

“An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing” – Anonym

We all have read a dozens of articles and blogs that promote healthy lifestyle/habits on a daily basis, yet sometimes we were too lazy to take actions towards it or we weren’t truly motivated.  Habits can be difficult to create especially the good ones, because it takes so much effort to put in, that you simply want to give up at a point.  Yet, I tried creating some of them along the years and I’ve totally seen improvement in my lifestyle.  So, I want to share with you today a list of top 5 Habits that can help you improve not only your life but also make your tomorrow a better day.

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