Can the expectation of appreciation from others destroy you?

Many times I’ve saw how people do something and wait appreciation from others, including me myself.  I always wanted to prove something to someone, let it be, family or friends, yet it always left me disappointed.  It left me feeling uncompleted.  You would wonder why? You would wonder why this feedback didn’t make me happy, because through it we can improve for better and I looked for this answer in me for many years.  I wanted to feel appreciated because that gave me power in the society.  It simply gave me a voice in the millions of others, but that was wrong waiting for it.  It was wrong thinking that if somebody liked what I created, I would be happier and luckier at the same time.

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Do we need to strive for Perfection in Life?

In the last post that I wrote I said a sentence like: Don’t try to reach perfection in life […], and somebody – my dad actually, read recently my blog and commented something that made me rethink perfection: Nothing wrong to aim for perfection, if you aim for less than that, you will achieve even less…  Many people will say that this is true, that people should aim perfectionism, that they should take more time to invest in the things they care.  But why? Why do we always need to challenge ourselves in striking perfection even though it doesn’t exist? The answer is that we like to push ourselves to the limit in order to work harder and be the best in our field.

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Is Gratitude an important stage in our life?

Don’t try to reach perfection in life, but do try to look back sometimes and be grateful of what was given to you up till now.  It was a lesson learned recently, one that I never thought that was very important.  A lesson that awakened me and made me realize that first, you must be thankful of what you possess and afterward to want something more.  This is a kind of life rule, when you have something you always want more, but the problem with us, people, is perfection.  We want perfection in our blog, we want a great career path or a superb partner, yet this doesn’t exist.  It’s an illusion that many people work toward it.  Psychology says is because to compensate for a sense of inadequacy.

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5 Ways to motivate yourself after encountering the word “Fail” in Life

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. – Winston Churchill

The most depressing word that I’ve encountered in my life was ‘Fail’.  This word actually has done pretty much damage into my life.  And it’s pretty destructive when you think of it before taking big risks… It took me so long to understand that actually, Fail, is something important in Life.  That without it we wouldn’t understand what was wrong done.  Fail is like a wave that hits you hard in the face and destroys you when it hits the stone shore.  Yet, I’m writing this post to let you know what you can do when you feel devastated and afraid while dealing with this scary word.

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Can we seek happiness?

We always wonder what happiness is.  Is it the money we possess? Is it the healthy lifestyle we have? We don’t know what happiness is… Some may say that having a roof over their head and some food on the table is the main happiness.  Some say that winning 1 million of dollars in a lottery is a kind of happiness.  Others say that living in a peaceful society without wars and starvation is Happiness.  Everybody defines it their own way, yet I will say Carpe Diem or seize the day.

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How to deal with feeling lost and empty inside?

Have you ever been in a situation where everything seemed perfect fine, but still you were feeling lost?  You were lost because you didn’t know exactly what you wanted from life.  Maybe, you wanted something more but were afraid to turn the page, because nothing comes easy in life.  Maybe, you were afraid of change and settled for less or you just skipped the chances that came to you and blamed others for the result.  Trust me, I’ve been there.  I’ve been there where I didn’t know which direction to follow and if the new beginning would have been better than the last, but within all that mess that was created, I understood something valuable.  If you don’t take an action to improve your lifestyle, then you’ll always live in regret.

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Do we need more best friends or honest friends in our life?

We don’t always need thousands of friends to fill completed, but having a few people who value and care about us is the best gift in the world.  I came to this conclusion, at a party, while celebrating my friends’ birthday.  Actually, when I received an invitation from her, I was so surprised, because we weren’t a type of BFF (Best Friends Forever) neither did I consider her my best friend, because actually for me, this word simply, it doesn’t exist.  It doesn’t exist, because people do change.  They change every day and having a ‘best friend’ is nothing compared to an honest friend.  An honest friend will tell you the truth even if it hurts, will tell you their point of view of a situation but most of all will tell you things in a simple way without turning the story a fairytale just to make you look happy.

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Is Betrayal a form of escaping Life duties?

“It’s better to have an enemy who slaps you in the face, than a friend who stabs you in the back.” – Anonym

Ever been in that situation when you trusted a friend that much, but thought they were too good to be true? You believed them and after a period of time they stepped on you like you never existed.  You did good to them, but in return you remained with nothing.  You remained with nothing because you were to naïve to observe the wrong parts.  It’s easy to make a friend, but it’s harder to detest the good one.  Like this happened to me once and it hurt somehow because I never expected.  I never expected, because I was too young and very optimistic about every person that came into my life.  It seems I was wrong.  I was wrong believing that having many friends was the right path to a successful social life status. 

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A special letter to my Past Self

Dear 15-year-old me,

before I start giving life lessons, I want to tell you to stop grumbling about how difficult your life is.  Being a teenager is nothing compared to being an adult.  You’ll have pay checks to pay on time, you’ll think that finding a job is like in the movies and most of all you’ll have to fight for your word in the society.  When you are 15 you want to be 20 and when you are already 20, you want to be 15 again.  Why? Because when being an adult, you must know how to fight for yourself.  There is no more mommy and daddy to help you deal with your job, university or housing.  There is no more time to waste in vain.  Everything its planned.  From the meal you take, till the long hours you spent to perfection your career.  So dear 15-year-old self don’t start panicking and don’t start fidgeting, but do enjoy your life as a teen and be prepared when the wave will come.

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How is it to be an International student?

Ever since I moved to a foreign country all by myself, my friends and family would constantly ask me how would I cope.  How would I cope with university, friends, free time, etc.?  If you want to hear the beautiful part, that is fun and interesting, then go with it, but the Truth might hurt you a little.  Somehow, you must choose when you are a student and ‘alone’, because hey, we do live in the era of smartphones and WhatsApp, which are our best friends.  But still there is a choice when you are a student.  You must choose between having fun and studying or staying healthy and studying or even studying + fun + sport and it’s the worst feeling ever when you push yourself to the limit and end up exhausted.  So I’m writing this article to let you know what is it like to live as an international student abroad.

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