The Rules to break if you want a healthy life!

Ever since we were a child, we were taught to obey the rules that our family have set.  Not because they wanted to, but because without them we wouldn’t know how to live.  This includes from not interrupting an adult when he talks, till having a polite behavior in the society.  But as we grow our brain starts analyzing some things.  We start thinking at an age of an adolescent that if we break the rules, not only those set by family but also those from the society, will lead us to a brave person.  Our peers will love us and we will be more ‘famous’ in the circle of teens.  This is the phase of rebellion as a teen when you struggle with your identity or the need of constant attention from others.  But many people think: “If there are rules than they are meant to be broken!”  So, dear reader I’m not writing the today’s article about minority rules, but about those Rules that causes you stress and doesn’t leave you live your own dream life!

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5 Tips on how to survive all by yourself in a foreign country

Tough topic I guess, for all of you students that have moved or are going to move to a new country all by themselves.  I know that this is a difficult situation and requires lots of time to adapt to the new lifestyle, but I’ll say it is possible.  I’ve been moving across countries a lot during my childhood years with my parents, but for the first time I experienced loneliness when I was a student in a foreign country.  Literally I wasn’t alone because, common guys we live in the area of technology and apps like Skype or WhatsApp are our best friends, but still you don’t have any more those fluffy pancakes on a Sunday morning, that your mom does it for you or the tidy laundry. So, I am writing this article for the new students who moved to a new country or are in the process of moving alone without parents or bf/gf.

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Should we blame the stars for our relationship?

As we entered the month of gifts (Valentine’s Day) we start wondering if the guy that we just met or our first stage relationship clicks.  We start scrolling into all those perfect written articles about ‘Zodiac signs and traits’ and think to ourselves are they all true.  Because the reason behind all of this, is that we want to prove a point to our self and to others that he/she matches with us.  Maybe we are afraid of being alone, that’s why we spend time on searching for his/her traits in order to stay or maybe we are excited that we found someone at last, that we are scared to let go, but for sure one thing is, if it’s meant to be it will be.  So, I am writing this article not for the purpose of proving the zodiac wrong, but to tell you which kind of relationships to avoid in order to have a healthy lifestyle!

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Top 3 Movies that can drag you out of your comfort zone!

Everyone loves comfort zones, but are they actually healthy?  Are they good for our souls?  In every article that I would open, there will be this answer NO with capital letters even, but actually this is wrong.  Everybody needs a little bit of comfort zone, to feel safe just a little, but not too much either, because it destroys your life, if you constantly don’t face your fears.  

So, before I start the list with the movies that made me step out of the comfort zone I would suggest to take a look in what is this?

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5 Things I learned while studying the German language

Flip the page, flip another and another.  Where is the letter “S”? Now find the consonant ‘c’ and then ‘h’.  God this language, it makes me crazy!  I can’t find nothing about this word:


I was standing with my German books opened in front of me and a thick Duden dictionary.  1047 pages of a dictionary and I couldn’t find the word.  How is that possible?

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Social media a way to destroy someone’s life?

Ping, my phone vibrated for the fiftieth time that day. I ran to the couch where my phone was because, I was literally obsessed with social media and saw on the bright screen a notification that said: “Someone posted for the first time in a while”.  I clicked on it and Bang, skyscrapers and someone standing on Top of the Rock NYC in front of that gorgeous panorama with a suit and a smartwatch, with a glass of whiskey in their hands and a perfect quote chosen to describe the photo.  I scrolled a little more and there was this Phuket (Thailand) photo where the waters are crystal clear or the perfect “Good morning” floating basket breakfast on the swimming pool from Ayana Resort in Bali.  It seemed like everyone was having a perfect life, but not ME.

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Justice must be paid with a price

Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

I’m sitting here in a corner of the classroom and just looking outside the window and then back into the auditorium.  Everybody seems in tension only a few maybe not.  Maybe they do feel anxious, about their clothes not combining with one another.  Seeing everybody with sheets of paper and just repeating maybe for the thousand time the same question and answer.  I guess the system of exams now days are not testing our knowledge anymore, but instead they test our stress level.  I guess having the biggest grade can show that you are capable of something.  But they don’t understand that things in life are not measured with grades.  Only with knowledge.

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